I hope you have some fun planned for this weekend, but during your downtime, enjoy some of the articles I loved this week!

Make a shirt into a doll dress

So many of you have asked about the adorable ruffled dresses on Anna’s dolls in her Tuesday craft posts, well, she did a tutorial on how to make a shirt into a doll dress. For those of you who sew, this is great inspiration for how to repurpose other good clearance finds or items that have been outgrown into cute doll clothes.

I love the way accessories can really finish off a look. The Spicy’s show you three different ways to put spring flowers in your doll’s hair for a pretty look at Doll Delight.

Pretty Lilly lives in the Netherlands and they will be celebrating Queen’s Day on the 30th. She did a beautiful write up about the celebration and her doll looks like the perfect heir to the crown!

AmericanGirlFan Liz did a cute photostory of CeCe’s Salon and Saige getting her hair done. Too much fun!

The Atlantic magazine posted an interesting viewpoint article discussing the changes in American Girl over the years and how they do not feel AG is brave enough anymore to really tackle tough issues like they used to in “American Girls Aren’t Radical Anymore.” Steampunk Addie had shared the link on Facebook which I then shared and we got quite a bit of discussion going. The article is worth the read and you can form your own opinion…

What was your favorite doll related read this week? It doesn’t have to be from my list.