Karen here with this weeks Doll Diaries Picks.

This weeks Doll Diaries Picks were so much fun to find. There were so many wonderful posts from some great bloggers and I am thrilled to share my top 5 of the week. Starting with Tea Time with Melody Q. Her Earth Day post was adorable and I loved that her doll was out helping her on such an important and beautiful day! See them for yourself by clicking here.

My nieces are really into these Shopkins toys and I had not seen them in person so I was thrilled to see Clara’s Craft Corner post this week about Shopkins and I truly appreciated that she did so many photos showing their play potential with so many of the smaller Mini dolls we all love! Click here to read this post and see exactly what I mean about these fun little accessories which enhance mini doll play!

Barbie fans you have to check out this post by My Doll Life and as a Barbie lover I am always happy to see reviews and side by sides of these dolls from when I was growing up and today’s dolls. Check this post out by clicking here.

Over at The Universe In A Blog, I really liked the way this blogs author made a special treat for her dolls using items she had on hand! I am a huge fan of this type of craft and think you will like this tutorial which you can view by clicking here.

Last but not least this week for my picks is a photo story on Say Hello To My Little Friends blog. I thought this was a great post and also love the use of Bitty Twin items worn proudly by 18 inch dolls! This photo story is wonderful and the photos are fantastic. Click here to read and enjoy it yourself!

Be sure to check back next week to see more of our Doll Diaries Picks!