Doll Diaries In The News

Since creating this site in 2006, I really had no idea what shape it would take.  I definitely had no idea it would become such an amazing community of doll fans and a true resource for news, photos, and even scoop on upcoming dolls. As a result, Doll Diaries has really grown to be all of that and more. Doll Diaries is also getting mentioned in the main stream media.

Most recently:

Pocket Your Dollars – Camp Doll Diaries mentioned in Free Summer 2014 for the Twin Cities

Abled BodyHearing Aids A Nice Fit for American Girl

Mom Blogging For Dummies by Wendy Piersall – was featured in the Mom Blogging for Dummies book as an example of a niche site that effectively uses affiliate marketing as a method for monetizing the site.

NBC ChicagoRebecca Doll Ignites Shopping Frenzy

USA TodayAmerican Girl dolls up Jewish history: Kaya, meet Rebecca

New Voices National Jewish Student MagazineMeet Rebecca