There is some serious doll time going on in this house today! My daughter has two of her best doll buddies over and they are having way too much fun!

They have been hard at work getting the dolls ready for a fashion show and coming up with story lines for possible videos (hint, hint, there is something new coming…).  Needless to say it is going to take some time to put that room back together when they are done!

Update: Because there have been quite a few questions about it already – the “doll house” is actually a bookshelf I bought at Target a few years ago and it did really store books – until recently. The cubbies in her room are built into the wall and were that way when we bought the house. She just switched rooms with her sister so the dolls have only been in this room for a month or so. We will be working on some scenes for the spaces in weeks to come.

Let me introduce you to our doll guests.

My AG 37

Meet Jade – she is a My American Girl doll – number 37 to be exact. She has light skin with freckles, short reddish hair and green eyes and looks a lot like her owner – code name Adelaide37.  Jade likes to swim, plays the cello and the piano and has a dog named Nellie.

My AG 39

Meet Bella. Bella is a My American Girl #39 which means she has light skin, caramel hair and blue eyes. Bella belongs to Anastasia16, she likes to swim, ride horses, play the keyboard and she loves her dog Rocko.

I think I hear them calling me to take pictures from their fashion show! Stand by for more photos over the next few days.

Enjoy your dolly weekend!!