Dolloween Parade

It wouldn’t be October without our annual Doll Halloween Costume Parade – better known as Dolloween! Laura  made this adorable candy corn costume for Grace to kick off the parade!

Send in photos of your dolls in costume, having a Harvest or Halloween party, or just enjoying the season. Remember, your photo needs to be appropriate for all ages so nothing too scary, please. Feel free to look back through our Halloween archives for lots of costume tutorials and inspiration! The more entries, the more fun the parade will be!

Like last year, we have prizes! We will award 5 mystery prizes consisting of a mix of doll clothes/accessories and craft supplies for the following categories:

  1. Best Overall Costume
  2. Best Use of a Doll Diaries Costume Tutorial
  3. Best Photography
  4. Most Creative
  5. Just Because

The Doll Diaries staff will choose the winners.

To enter your photo READ CAREFULLY…

  • Take a photo of your dolls in costume
  • RESIZE your photos to 540 pixels wide ( makes this super easy!)
  • Save your file as your first name and the date – for example – name-oct18.jpg
  • Email your photo to
  • Put “DOLLOWEEN” in the subject line (I get a ton of email & this will make it easier to sort through)
  • Make sure you include your name, a caption and a description your photos

The rest of the details:

  • Everyone is invited to submit ONE entry per day using the guidelines above.
  • ALL DOLLS are encouraged to enter – American Girl, Maplelea, Springfield, Ellowyne, Barbie, Tonner, Bitty Baby, Monster High, and the list goes on! The more variety the better.
  • If you are 13 and under you must have your parent’s permission to enter.
  • We will only publish photos that are of good quality and appropriate for viewers of all ages.
  • Again, photos MUST BE YOUR OWN – do not take someone else’s photo from somewhere else on the Internet and post it as your own. Doing so will get you banned from all future photo events on this site.
  • By submitting your photo, you are granting permission to publish the photo along with your first name and the description you provide. We will never publish or share your email address or personal information. You are also granting us permission to use your photo on the DollDiaries Facebook page and/or YouTube channel.

Finally, you have until NOVEMBER 3rd to send in your entries. I will post entries in batches so if you don’t see yours right away, be patient, I will get them all posted. Also, I will be traveling and will not have internet Oct. 29-Nov. 1 so any entries that come in during those few days will be posted when I get back.


My name is Erin. The doll is a custom made Elizabeth Cole doll that I made up to be Wednesday Addams. I made the doll dress myself.


From Maya – Dolloween-licious! Rebecca is trick or treating.


Little Punkin! Anna is ready for some treats in this cute pumpkin costume borrowed from a thrifted teddy bear. Submitted by Suzanne from


From Halo – Play-Dough Girl! My doll Elle is getting super crafty with her Halloween costume! She is going to be going around as a Play-Dough jar! She is super excited!


From Madelon – Chrissa dresses as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette.


From Lauren – Kit as an astronaut.


From Noelle – Jess as Little Red Riding Hood and Harper as the Big Bad Wolf .


Cute Little Lion from Clara.


From Gigi – For Dolloween, Caroline decided to dress up as her owner, Gigi!


From OurAmericanGirlDollhouse – Elizabeth decided to dress up as Elsa for Halloween this year! She had a great time getting lots of candy!


From Madelon – Anne of Green Gables goes trick or treating.

FullSizeRender (1)

From Peace – Saige, Lydia and Rebecca are ready for Halloween! (Sorry the cowgirl is sort of hidden in the back..!)


From Devin – Kit is being a KitKat for Halloween – her favorite candy!


From Madelon – Elvis the waitress, Alice in Wonderland and the candy corn celebrate Halloween in the diner.


From Noelle – Good grief, Charlie Brown! McKenna as Charlie Brown (Hole-y ghost), and Ava as Lucy (other ghost).


From Lacey – Ivy as Cleopatra – As her servants tend to her in the background, the mighty Cleopatra is portrayed by Ivy.


From Erin – Grace is Number One and ready to explore strange new worlds!


From Charlotte – Time to Trick or Treat? Here is a picture of the girls enjoying a Dolloween party and getting ready to trick or treat. Here’s Grace as a Mod Monster, McKenna as a ballerina, Sadie as Evie, Saylor as Dorthy, Molly as a witch and Lanie as Queen Elsa.


From Madelon – Queen Bee


From Linda R. – Saige as a Mermaid for Dolloween


From Karina – Fall Fun! Kate, Mia, Peyton, and Jess out enjoying the fall leaves!!

Captain America

From Fawn – When Kevin’s friends, Danny, Jason and Kyle, heard he was a Captain America fan, they just had to give him this great hat. Now he can fight the forces of evil all over the USA!


From Hannah – Eileen is really excited for Halloween. She is going to be a butterfly.


From Madelon – Grace trick or treats as a friendly purple monster.

FullSizeRender (2)

From Peace – Saige dressed as a pioneer to go to a costume party! It was a big hit.


From Madelon – Our little ballerina.


My doll Anna is dressing up as Anne of Green Gables for Halloween!   – Anna Catherine (


From Nikki – This is my doll, Elyssa, as a Spring Nymph.

unnamed (1)

From Linda – Which Samantha wins the costume contest. Samantha the Bride or Samantha the Ballerina?


From Linda S. – A 19th Century Halloween! (L-R) Emma, Penny, Samantha and Becky are ready to go trick or treating dressed in their 1850’s outfits with baskets for their treats! (these are my niece Amy’s dolls – she brought the girls when she came to visit and I took the picture)

anna - oct24

From Anna – Mariko the flower fairy looks right at home in the garden.


From Madelon – Wearing Halloween themed clothes (not costumes) to school.

unnamed (2)

From Linda R. – Sydney and Julie are competing for the best Genie costume.

Blue Demon

From Fawn – CJ is the Blue Demon, one of Mexico’s most famous luchadors (wrestlers). Lucho libre is a from of professional wrestling that develpoed in Mexico. It is characterized by colorful masks and rapid sequences of holds and maneuvers.  To learn more about Lucha ibre visit,aspx


Elsa is an Arctic explorer this Halloween! – Anna Catherine (


From PineValleyGirlsClub – Taryn decide to dress up as a bag of candy for halloween this year. It fits her colorful personality perfectly!


From Kaitlyn – Leighton dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year!

FullSizeRender (3)

From Vito – Dolloween sweets and treats. Rebecca, Tamara, Dogo, and Grace are enjoying Lindt chocolate, scAreos, scaries, and chips!


From Madelon – Glinda the Good Witch!


From Maya – Spooktacular! Rebecca is enjoying her scareo bar! Happy Halloween!

Rachel- Oct. 25

From Rachel – Mummy!  I customized the mini doll mummy costume tutorial to fit my 18 inch doll!

unnamed (3)

From Linda R – Saige as Anna and Caroline as Elsa of the movie Frozen.


From Kaitlyn – This year, Ellie dressed up as an owl for Halloween!


From Madelon – Grace as a modern day witch.

unnamed (4)

From Linda R – Costume Contest, Animal Division: Samantha the Dalmatian or Nicki the Cheetah? Who gets your vote?


From Kaitlyn – Lanie wanted to dress up as a cat this year, so she followed Anna’s tutorial from last year on how to make a cat costume!


From Luv4Dolls – Saige is dressed as the famous Minnie Mouse. My talented Nana made this wonderful outift for me. Saige can’t wait to see the other dolloween costumes!!!


From Madelon – Our American Girl flapper dances in the park.

unnamed (5)

From Linda R – Gracie as Anne of Green Gables, Emily as an Indian and Emma as Snow White.

Keep the entries coming in! Check back later for more photos!