Thanksgiving Centerpiece for Dolls

Have you heard the saying, “great minds think alike”? When I saw Anna’s craft post earlier this week, I just had to laugh, since I had already made my craft for the week and they both are Thanksgiving centerpieces made with pumpkins – but of course, each version is different! My version is an elegant way you to make a Thanksgiving Centerpiece for your dolls using items  bought at the dollar store. I love seeing the potted mums this time of year with their rich autumn colors and these small artificial flowers I chose for today’s craft reminded me of the ones I see by everyone’s door this time of year.

To make your own Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece you will need:

  • A styrofoam pumpkin or gourd
  • Small artificial flowers
  • Straight pins

Thanksgiving Centerpiece for Dolls

Step 1– Assemble all your supplies and open your styrofoam pumpkin and gourds.

Step 2- Remove the flower blooms from your stems and the leaves, remove the green plastic part of the leaves.

Step 3-Open your straight pins.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece for Dolls

Step 4– Use two leaves and criss-cross them on the top of your pumpkin or gourd. Use a push pin to secure the center of the leaves to the pumpkin.

Step 5– Push a pin through one of your flower blooms and press that pin into your foam pumpkin.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece for Dolls

Step 6- Continue to add pins to flower blooms and blooms to the pumpkins as you did in step 5 until you feel your centerpiece has enough flowers. If you have more than one pumpkin repeat the steps until you are happy with how your centerpiece looks.

Place your dolls Thanksgiving dinner or tea table and you can enjoy it year round!

Today I used Samantha, wearing a Thanksgiving dress made by a friend of mine and I used a piece of orange felt as the table cloth. Tea set by The Queen’s Treasures.