One of our readers, Ryan, sent in some photos of a Gotz doll she has but has no information on. Time to call in the “Doll Detective” – also known as Diana 😉

Based on these photos that Ryan sent in, Diana was able to tell us:

“This is one of many, many play dolls that Gotz created in the early 90’s. I have a 1991 catalogue, but not a 1990. The 90 in the back of her head is the year. All outfits always had the Gotz tag on it, this outfit looks very well made but without the tag it can not be authentic. She needs to look careful at the outfit to see if someone might have cut the tag off. She needs to measure her, but I would say she is a predecessor to the Little Sisters, Precious Days, AG dolls, this face mold is what Pleasant Rowland fell in love with when she went to Gotz. At that time white cloth bodies was very common in dolls made by Gotz.

As for the name, well Gotz gave a unique name to each paly doll and it was changed every year even if the doll was the same, they had a different dress.”


Ryan, I hope that helps you in knowing when your doll was made and a little more about her. If anyone else has information based on Ryan’s photos and Diana’s clues that can help us identify the exact doll Ryan has, that would be awesome! We have such a knowledgeable doll community and it is fun to be able to help each other out when it comes to identifying a doll from the past.