When I saw this amazing Wrought Iron doll bed from Etsy shop, Dream Come True Beds; https://www.etsy.com/shop/dreamcometruebeds I knew it had to be the center of my next decorative doll room makeover.  This shop offers doll beds and newborn photo prop beds. You will find your perfect vintage-styled dream-come-true antique style metal bed here! 

Dream Come True Beds’ construction makes for a life-like miniature – perfect for Blythe dolls, American Girl, Barbie, and all play-scale sizes. Looks just like antique iron beds!  They also offer doll bunk beds and canopy beds!  This American Girl Bed is 20.5 inches long x 12 inches wide.  The headboard is 14 ½ inches tall.  Footboard is 9 ½ inches tall. 

The craftsmanship of this bed is of top quality.  The bed is solid in construction.   All joints are strongly soldered.  The iron rails are exactly like real life rails and are just waiting for a mattress and bedding.   They offer two styles in Shabby Chic (spindles go all the way to top of frame) or Victorian (which has a two level head and footboards.)  All spindles have perfectly matched knobs.  They offer a variety of paint colors in a modern (smooth) or antique (worn) finishes.  I chose a black satin modern finish in their Shabby Chic style.

As you can see, an 18 inch doll fits perfectly on this bed.  You can purchase a mattress and bedding from this Etsy shop.  I chose to make my own bedding to collaborate with my Parisian theme.  I used a piece of 2 inch foam cut down to size for the mattress.  Bedding was made out of brightly colored fabrics.

My daughters and I are over-the-top thrilled that this bed is part of our dollhouse!  This is an heirloom piece that will see decades of play.

To see the Parisian accessories for this room see here:  http://dolldiaries.com/parisian-inspired-doll-bedroom/ .

Craft on!