Doll Craft Pizza Party

For today’s doll craft we are having special New Years Pizza Party, but you could use this for a doll birthday party too. You will learn how to create doll sized pizza, boa’s, noise makers, and party hats for your dolls.

You will need:

  • images of pizza ( I used an advertisement you can also print or draw your own)
  • tape or glue
  • scissors
  • fun foam or construction paper
  • fringe garland ( I got mine at Party City)
  • paper
  • crayons
  • a side plate to trace
  • a ruler
  • balloons *Optional to decorate a handmade sign

Doll Craft Pizza Party

I was inspired to make today’s craft from an advertisement from our favorite pizza place. They offer $1 sliced pizza so we go once a week. I also noticed that the, ad had perfect doll sized pizza.

  • Step one– cut out a photo or image of pizza
  • Step two– tape or glue it to a piece of fun foam or card stock
  • Step three– cut out the pizza from your card stock and repeat so you will have as many pieces of pizza as you would like

Doll Craft Pizza Party

The pizza fits well in your dolls hand!

Next let’s create the Boas for the dolls

Fringe Garland for a Doll Party

  • Step one– Measure 15-20 inches of garland and cut.
  • Step two– Wrap it around your dolls neck like a scarf

We need Party Hats, too!!

doll size party hats

  • Step 1– trace a side plate onto fun foam or cardstock in any color you would like
  • Step 2– cut out the circle
  • Step 3– fold the circle in half like a taco
  • Step 4– cut the circle in half
  • Step 5– roll/fold each shape into a cone hat
  • Step 6- tape into place
  • Step 7- make a New Years sign out of paper, cut it out and attach to the front of the hat with a tape loop
  • Step 8– place on your doll’s head

And we can’t forget to make the “Noise Makers”

Doll size noise makers


  • Step 1– measure a corner of a blank piece of paper with a ruler and make a line at 4 inches and cut out
  • Step 2– measure 3 inches of the fringe garland and cut a piece
  • Step 3– use a piece of tape and secure the fringe to the bottom edge of the triangle you created

how to make doll size noise makers

  • Step 4– roll and fold paper into a cone shape. Secure with a piece of tape
  • Step 5– place in your dolls hand to enjoy

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post I look forward to sharing more ideas with you in the New Year. Happy New Year everyone!