Doll Crafts: Ideas for Hosting a Doll Party

Host a Doll Party

Hosting doll party is one of my favorite doll play activities! It is easy and a fun way to spend an afternoon. One of the most important things to do when you are planning any party including a doll party is the planning.

  • What type of party are you planning on having?
  • What are you going to need?
  • What do you already have that you can use?
  • What do you need to make that you do not already have?

Making items for doll play that can be used over and over again in different ways is as important as it is fun. Some of the easiest things you can make are party hats, like the ones in the photo my dolls are wearing. With only a small plate to trace, pencil, paper, tape and a pair of scissors you can easily make two doll sized party hats.

Doll party ideas

  • Trace the plate on a piece of paper with your pencil.
  • Next cut out the circle and fold it in half.
  • Cut along the fold line you will now have the two pieces you need to make the hats.
  • Simply roll the paper into a cone hat shape, tape in place and repeat on the other hat.
  • You can decorate the hats anyway you want.

To keep them on your dolls hat you can use a bobby pin as recommended in the fantastic Doll Parties book from American Girl or you can staple some ribbon or elastic cord to your hat (just like regular party hats have).

Another great addition to any doll party is the presents. You can make your doll a gift box that you wrap like a regular present that doesn’t open and is only for decoration or you can find a little box that jewelry comes in and cover the top and bottom separately so that you can place a gift inside, like a handmade bracelet or other small gift.

Birthday cards are also a really easy doll play craft you can make with regular paper or left over wrapping paper. Decorate your cards with stickers or just color your cards with your own design.

Doll Sized Party Supplies

If you are a crafty person then I recommend trying to make some party food for your collection. You can use oven bake polymer clay (like Sculpey) to make food or candy like the lollipops I have made in the photo above. You can find directions on how to make them at type tiny treats in the search box.

Try making Cupcakes like the ones pictured above using Styrofoam balls, mini foil cupcake wrappers, glitter, a pencil and craft glue. Place the ball on a pencil; cover the ball in glue and then cover the glue in glitter, let dry then add glue to the foil wrappers, top with the glitter covered ball and let dry. You can glue a red bead or craft berry to the top of the cupcake with glitter if you would like.

As you add to your doll play collection it is important to remember to take care of the items you have made store your doll play items in a special place and you can use them over and over again. It is also important to use what you already have. If you want to dress up your dolls outfit add a ribbon or a bow you may have from your craft box. Use napkins or dishcloths as table cloths for a dolls table (use a cardboard box if you do not have a doll sized table).

The possibilities are endless when it comes to doll play! I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

By Karen of Karen Mom of Three

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  1. Great Ideas:D I used to have a little wooden chair myself… a little one like these:)…

  2. Secondie! Cool. i will keep these in mind.

  3. Anastasia says:

    Thirdie!I will try this as soon as I get my doll.

  4. can i ask anyone here a question and hopefully get an answer 4 years ago my neighbor gave me this HUGE coconut puppy and they dont sell it in american girl anymore and by huge its like huggable and really soft can someone tell me more about the coconut that i own

  5. I don’t know that Coconut, Lgrrl. I have the doll parties book, and these are some really great ideas! I also have a pre-made cake from Chrissa’s party treat set. I’m going to plan a party toady!

  6. Oh wow! I love the photos you took for this article. The birthday party accessories are wonderful!

  7. Oh,cute! Oooh! I just love this site! Very cute and @Lgrrl,that sounds like the 1990’s early one. You’re lucky because that one is very,very rare!

  8. I’M planning on having a tea party for my doll and my cousins dolls so this idea is helpful.

  9. Great ideas! Maybe I will try them this summer…

  10. Wow wish I had these ideas for my Earth Day party… lol 😉

  11. Primrose says:

    Cute ideas! I love the lollipops!

  12. The Big Coconut dog is from Hallmark i have her and bought her at Hallmark when they were selling American Girl Items. I hope that helps

  13. I love this idea!!!!! I already knew about the presents though, i got a light up Christmas tree that sits on my nighttable and i made some little presentsand sat them under the tree . I really like the cupcakes Im not sure if ill mak them though because I already have some doll sized cupckes but im not 100% sure yet.

  14. When it was Addy’s birthday I set up a little party scene using the cake from Chrissa’s party treats and the little box of table talkers (or whatever they are called) I wrapped that up with paper and tied a craft ribbon around it for a bow and made a party hat out of construction paper.

  15. Wow! These ideas are so cool! I am definitely going to make the party hats! Thanks for the awesome tips!

  16. Ok so on Borders website i was looking at the mini dools. there is one with no image that says New Historical Charater mini doll. and you can pre order it. It is available on august 30th.

    New Historical Character Mini Doll
    do you guys think it could be Ceclie or Marie-Grace?

  17. = free shipping!! i might pre order it, but i can’t pay till august, with bday money.

  18. Cool lollipops and party hats luv them

  19. Great info, Erica! Maybe I will buy the mini doll in August.

  20. Erica: I thought all Borders stores were closed at least were I am they are. But still thats cool when Char posted info on MG and C I was searching for WEEKS and couldnt find anything!

  21. I’m pretty sure Borders has few select stores still open because I have one nearby, Mara.

  22. ChrissaGwenSonali says:

    @Lgrrl, I have her! My Coconut is girl sized also! I have never met anyone else with one like mine, because she is sooooo rare! I got her for Easter from my mom almost 8 years ago!

  23. Where I live I was lucky enough that it didn’t close. =-) I’m very happy it didn’t!!

  24. This is such a great group of resourceful doll lovers! Thank you for your nice comments about the photography and party! I loved setting them up and taking them! I hope you all have a wonderful time making your own parties! Thanks for the tip on the 6 inch dolls, I am going to buy my first one on Thursday!

  25. @Mara,I have been searching stuff on MG and C ever since Char posted the scoop and have found not a single thing! I have e-mailed AG and hopefully they will give a lead. Last e-mail they said that new dolls will come out in the middle of summer. I’m wording it just right! I’ll copy and paste the e-mail once I get it!

  26. so cool I wish I was that careful

  27. GUYS GUESS WHAT! okay, i havea lot to say so…
    1. my firnds got the new calalouge tyesderday and today i got mine.

    2. I was looking at the new catalouge, and was wondering about the nobvember and decemmber d mini dolls, they dont do goty mini’s, but i thouight they woruld be, maybe Ivy, or emily and elizabeth. i noticed that they hadnt done any bf mini’s yet for the speical additon,. but then i notice there was a ruthie i belive. Si i thougth that is was after the new historical girls were coming out… so IT HAS TO BE MARIE-GRACE AND CECILE!
    i was neaver a fan of kit really, only that she lives in Cincinnati… but i love the august kit! he is so cute, thinking of buying her with b-day money……

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    We seen the movie befor ebut i watched it agiun today, becuase i hadent seen it in a while.

  29. Well,you know they don’t have Julie nor Rebecca so those are going to be the next mini dolls.

  30. Well,this is there reply:

    Dear American Girl fan,

    We appreciate your question about new historical characters. Yes, our
    new American Girl historical characters will be Cécile and Marie-Grace.
    However, it?s too early to share more specific information at this time.
    Stay tuned for more details via our catalogue and website closer to
    their launch later this summer. We would also appreciate your help in
    keeping this information quiet so as not to spoil the surprise for
    millions of girls who are looking forward to their launch.

    Thank you for your interest in American Girl!

    Stuff we already know.

  31. Cool I hope to have a doll party for Chrissa’s bday in agust!

  32. So, the next mini dolls will be Julie Rebecca Marie-Grace Ceclie.
    I want the speical addition mini Kit, she’s so cute!

  33. I dont know if there is a Borders near me, i found it one the website when i was serching AG mini’s

  34. Sadie Shoemaker says:

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  35. I really like the doll’s green dress in the 3rd picture