Doll Craft – Upcycled Spring Top Hats

Let’s Make our dolls Spring Top Hats!

Doll craft - hats for spring

I had so much fun creating today’s craft and I hope you will too! Using only items I had on hand I was able to create today’s fun craft. A great craft box of supplies can go a long way on a rainy day!

To create hats for your dolls like the ones I made you will need:

  • The lid from a liquid clothes soap or fabric softener. I use Purex in my house so the lids I used are from Purex and one from a fabric softener. If you do not use this type of soap in your house check with friends and neighbors I am sure someone will save you a lid!
  • a single hole puncher
  • ribbons, trim, paper flowers, scrapbook embellishments, buttons, craft feathers
  • 1/8 inch elastic to secure your “hat” on your dolls head
  • scissors
  • glue, hot glue gun, tape or double sided tape to secure your embellishments
  • a ruler
  • * You will also need a parent/adult  to trim the bottom of the lid for you!

craft supplies for making doll hats

Tip *a clear work space for crafting also makes for a more space to create…

craft supplies for making doll hats

Step one– You will need to make two holes on opposite sides of the base of your lid as far up as you can. This will be where we secure the elastic in a later step. You will need to wiggle your hole punch and the lid to have it go through, you may wish to ask a parent for help.

craft supplies for making doll hats

Step twoAsk an adult to help you trim the bottom edge of your lid for you careful not to cut the holes you just created.  This will help the hat sit better on your dolls head!

embellishments for doll hats

Step three– choose your embellishments, for your hat. I used a feather, ribbon and a slider which is used in scrap booking, card making and are perfect for doll belts. You maybe able to find them in your scrapbook section of your craft store (or in Karen’s Etsy store).

To use a slider you just slide your ribbon through the slider as shown above.

doll hat upcycle

Step four- wrap the ribbon around your hat and secure with glue or tape. Tuck a feather in the ribbon, you can add glue or leave it as is. Your ribbon should be tight enough to hold the feather in place.

doll hat upcycle

Step five– use your ruler and measure 10 inches of elastic. Cut and thread each of the ends through the holes as shown above. Tie a knot on the inside.


American Girl doll wearing her new hat

Step six- Place on your dolls head, and enjoy!

American Girl doll wearing her new hat

I had fun creating these hats out of items from my craft box. On my Springfield Doll Madison I used only a paper flower, I think she looks great in it. For my Maplelea Doll Saila I used some yellow ribbon I had left over, a button and stick on gemstones!

Springfield Girl doll wearing her new hat

Madison modeling her new hat.

Maplelea doll Saila

Saila loves hers, too.

I look forward to sharing more upcycled crafts next week!


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  1. kt says:

    firstie coool

  2. Caitlin says:

    I like them!

  3. Gail says:


  4. Emily says:

    First of all I love the hats:) Second, is anyone going somewhere for spring break?

  5. claire says:


  6. Megan says:

    i love it!

  7. Sarah says:

    How cool!
    Emily- I already had Spring Break, but I didn’t go anywhere.

  8. Rin says:

    i might go to agp new york

  9. Madelon says:

    They make very creative Easter bonnets, too! We will need to try it.

  10. Anastasia says:

    Really cute. At first I thought they were made out of water bottle tops and were supposed to fit mini AG dolls, lol.

  11. Mary says:

    Wow, I love it! Thanks SO much for all the crafts you do, Karen, we all love them!!

  12. Anastiasia I think that would work too! LOL Thank you Mary you really made my day!

  13. Megan says:

    emily- i am going to LEGO LAND! I AM SO EXTIED!

  14. Erica says:

    Love it! Great idea.
    Emily- My spring break was this week….i read most of the time. But I’m at home alot cuz im home schooled but i go for testing in a few weeks! I hope i do good.

  15. Erica says:

    Megan- Cool!!! My brother would freak out if he got to go, he loves lego!

  16. Erica says:

    Hey, here is a list of the resent names AG has trademark

    Pet names
    peanut brittle
    Re Velvet
    Logan ( I love the name Logan!)
    Paige ( my middle name!)

    I love the names! Most of them were tademarked in 2009, 2010, 1011, and 1012. McKenna was trademarked in 2010.

  17. Erica says:

    sorry i meant 2011, but i didnt see many 2011.

  18. Erica says:

    oops, sorry! Red Velvet is the last pet name.

  19. Megan says:

    Erica- we are leaveing April 14 and coming back the 15 or 16 i dont no! LOL! AND I STILL CANT WAIT!!!!

  20. claire says:

    i just made them they are soo cute!!!!

  21. Chloe says:

    These are really cute! I have been wanting to know how to make hats FOREVER!!!!! I’m so glad and cant wait to make it after my mom finishes a d detergent bottle all I’ll I gotta do is find a way to get a hold of a bottle…….. (my mom doesn’t always like what I take she always says u don’t need that so I usually hide some things) (lol)

  22. Gail says:

    ERICA- i will be going to nyc for 3 days idk if iwil will go to the AG store

  23. Jen says:

    Love it! So cute and creative. I have been making all of your crafts since I found this blog. They do look like royal wedding hats. So cute! I would love to see something to do with the mini american girl dolls. I have a few and wish they had some things. furniture would be really cool. Just a thought! Thanks for all your ideas! I love them!

  24. Thank you all! Jen I hear you on the mini dolls I have some and love them, fun stuff coming soon!

  25. jess says:

    I grew up with american girl dolls. The accessories were always so expensive, so I liked to be thrifty. This idea is adorable!!!

  26. claire says:

    i just made pet food for my ag dolls pets lol

  27. Char says:

    That sounds cute Claire

  28. @ Jen, I have a how to make a table and chairs set on my blog for mini dolls @

    I will also be posting a how to make a bed for mini dolls this week. Check it out. My youngest daughter really loves her mini Molly so I have been inspired to make furniture for the mini’s as well as bigger sized dolls.

  29. I Love Miss Kristi’s Blog! She has so many great ideas!

  30. cecille says:

    Royal wedding doll verson sooooo cool