Sometimes it is fun to customize something and make it all your own.  You know, original and unique.  Sometimes you see a fashion or a style that you want to try out.  Today’s fashion inspiration is Saige’s gold boots!  You know the ones that come with her sparkle dress?  I am going to take this fun fashion inspiration and try it three different ways.  Starting with plain boots and upcycling and customizing them into something fabulous!   

How to upcycle doll boots

The best part will be to try these gold boots with our doll wardrobe!  Let’s see, gold boots with jeans, gold boots with skirts, gold boots with leggings!  Yes, this is going to be a fun style to try out!

Gold boots for dolls

Now it doesn’t make sense to upcycle your own boots unless you can make them for less. I found these tan boots at Joann’s.  They are Springfield Collection boots.  With a 50% coupon I bought them for $2.50.  If you shop sales and use coupons you can get all the supplies you’ll need for cheap, cheap, cheap!    

I’ll walk you through how I upcycled each pair of boots.  I also have tips and tricks and some pros and cons for each version!  

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need.


Before starting, cover the fabric at the top of each boot with masking tape.   

Style #1 – Gold Fabric Paint

Of all the fabric paint in the craft section, this one seemed the best for the project.  It is called Soft Fabric Paint.  It is Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Metallic Gold.  It says on the back of the bottle that it dries flat and flexible.  Perfect! 

Tips and Tricks:

  •  Brush it on with a foam brush.  
  •  Try to brush on the paint the same direction because it leaves subtle brush strokes.
  •  I put on several coats of the paint.  It stays tacky for a while so be sure to let it dry the recommended 4 hours before trying them out.  I scraped some paint off accidentally that way!  Oops!  Be more patient than I was!

Pros and Cons:

  • After a couple of days I gave it the scratch test with my fingernail.  Great news!  It didn’t come off one bit!  
  • The color has a nice metallic sheen. 
  • Gold colors can vary greatly and I like the pale shade of this one.     
  • The paint leaked through the tape on part of the fabric trim.  It is hardly noticeable but could be a problem if you are not careful in the painting process.  
  • The finish still has a little bit of a tacky feel even when it is completely dry.
  • At close inspection you can see what direction the paint was applied.  This may be a problem if your brush strokes went every which way.

 Style #2 – Gold Spray Paint

Of course, I need to start out by saying due to the harmful fumes that accompany spray paint, this project should be done with an adult and in a well-ventilated area.  Also be sure to follow the instructions on the spray paint packaging.  

I used the Krylon Metallic spray paint because it was so shiny!

Tips and Tricks:

  •  Follow the instructions on the can for a great finish!

Pros and Cons:

  • At first the shine of the metallic finish will “wow” you! 
  • With use, the finish is starting to crackle.  I like the look and from a distance it isn’t noticeable.  The crackle has slightly dulled the finish but it is still shiny. 
  • When I scratch the finish hard with my fingernail it dulls and looses it’s metallic luster.
  • I am wondering if re-coating the boots would work, down the road, if you wanted to freshen them up.

Now let’s take a look at the spray paint and fabric painted boots side by side.  The golds are a slightly different shade.

Style #3 – Gold Sequins

I’ve been dreaming of metallic sequin boots ever since I tried on a pair in the fall.  They were copper, silver and gold and I was mesmerized by there shine.  No, I didn’t bring them home for $70, but I’m going to have my fun with some metallic sequin boots for the 18” girls in our house!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Buy more sequins than the little bag I bought!  I had to go back the store and buy more packages.  It took about 2 1/2 package to cover these boots!  I just checked and the package says it is 800pc 5mm.  I know sequins come in all sizes and amounts so hopefully that will help you figure out how many sequins you’ll need.
  • Work in small sections.  Don’t skimp on the glue and make sure as you put it on, you spread it out, not leaving any gaps. 
  • I used a combination of pressing the boot into a pile of sequins and sprinkling on the sequins and then pressing them down flat with my fingers. 


Pros and Cons:

  •  I rubbed the sequins and picked at them to see how durable they are.  The sequins look like they are coming off over the spots where the glue was not spread out well.  The top layer rubs off where the sequins are layered thick.  The sequins that are in the glue against the boot surface are firmly stuck.  It seems like these boots will “shed” sequins for a period after you make them.  I think if you come back and glued more on where they came off initially, they would be quite durable.  
  • This shiny surface doesn’t dull.  It is sparkly and shiny!
  • The sequins make the boot slightly stiffer and bulkier.

Well, it looks like each pair of shiny gold boots have their own look and their own benefits and draw backs.  So what do you think?    

Are you drawn to the pair made with fabric paint?   

Upcycled gold doll boots

How does the spray paint version rate in your book?  

Upcycled gold doll boots

Last but not least these eternally sparkly sequin boots.

Upcycled gold doll boots

Upcycling is really a lot of fun!  It is a way to take something great like these little doll boots and add your own pizzazz to them!  Now that I’ve fully explored gold boots (Thanks Saige!), I’m looking around to see what else inspires me! 

And just in case you are interested, here are a few more details from today’s post-

  • Doll: Morgan, My American Girl #25 
  • Outfit: Dress is made by Anna, Earrings and Necklace 
  • Hairstyle: Side Ponytail

To get the creativity flowing, explore what inspires YOU!