No Sew Doll Halloween Costumes

Today I am sharing two no sew Halloween costumes you can make your dolls from items you may already have in your craft box or that you can easily find at your dollar and craft stores. To make today’s Gumball Machine Costume or A Girly Ghost You will need:

  • Fun Foam in white, pink and any other color you would like I used purple but red would be great for the gumball machine!
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A pencil with a sharp tip
  • PDF Template for the Gumball Machine
  • A brad
  • Glue (I used a glue gun, get your parents help if you are going to use one too)
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Duct tape for the bow or a ribbon bow
  • A black marker
  • Large pompoms in a mixture of colors
  • 2 large googly eyes

No Sew Doll Halloween Costumes

To make the Girly Ghost

Step 1– Cut out a Ghost Shape from your white Fun Foam. I used a large sheet of fun foam and cut it to 11 inches long by 7 inches wide.

Step 2– Round the edges to make the ghosts head

Step 3– Cut a wavy pattern along the bottom to make your ghost look like she is moving

Step 4– Use the tip of your pencil to make a hole about ½ inch down from the top of your Ghost’s head and repeat on the other side.

Step 5– Cut a piece of yarn or ribbon to 20 inches and then fold it in half and make another cut.

Step 6– Thread one end of your yarn or your ribbon through the hole you made in your fun foam, knot it on the back side so it will not come through the front. Repeat on the other side, these will be the ties that hold your costume on your doll.

Step 7– Place the large googly eyes on the front of your fun foam shape where you would like the eyes to be. When you have decided where glue them into place.

No Sew Doll Halloween Costumes

Step 8– Use your marker to draw eye lashes on your ghost

Step 9– Make a Hair Bow for your Ghost. I used Halloween Themed Duct tape I had on hand you can use any bow or ribbon you have or you can leave it off.

First tear off a strip of tape from your roll about 8 inches long. Turn it over and fold one end into the center. Repeat on the other side and press down. Use your finger to pinch the rectangle into a bow shape and use another piece of tape to hold it in place.  Add a dab of glue above the eye of your ghost and press the bow in to place.

No Sew Doll Halloween Costumes

Step 10– Use your marker to draw a smile or mouth on your ghost. I added a heart where the center of the smile is to be the lips. You can color it in if you like. Now your Ghost Costume is ready to be worn!

No Sew Doll Halloween Costumes

For the Gumball Machine

Step 1– Print our the PDF and cut our your shapes from white fun foam, I used pink for the dial but you can use any color you would like

Step 2– Cut your fun foam into a rectangle that measures 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide

Step 3– Use a pencil to press two holes into the top of your fun foam about ½ inch in from each side of the top of your fun foam, cut 20 inches of yarn or ribbon and then cut it in half again so each piece is 10 inches long. Feed an end through each hole, make a knot in the back.

Step 4– Position and glue into place your large circle shape pattern piece “A”.

No Sew Doll Halloween Costumes

Step 5- In the center bottom of your fun foam position and glue into place piece “D”.

Step 6– Place a brad through the center of piece “B” then through piece “C” and unfold the arms this will be the back. Position into place and glue down.

Step 7– Begin gluing your pompoms onto Piece A when your “Machine” is as full of pompom gumballs as you like turn the fun foam over to make sure that no pompoms fall off.

Step 8– Use a marker to draw lines on piece “D” or leave as is.

Once dry your gumball machine costume is ready to wear!

No Sew Doll Halloween Costumes


Today I used my American Girl Dolls Ivy and Ruthie. Photographed on my American Doll Room.

I look forward to sharing more fun craft ideas with you next week!