Doll Craft Turn Doll T-Shirts into Wall Art

display doll tees

I am so thrilled to share with you today’s craft and show off my doll shirt collection at the same time.

I began collecting the red store shirts from American Girl in 2010, on my first trip to an American Girl Store. I went to Dallas first, started my collection and with the help of friends and some of my blog readers I was able to collect all the currently open stores shirts.

Here is how I made my T-Shirt Wall Art.

American Girl doll t-shirts

You will need:

  • a foam core board
  • push pins
  • ribbon (as long as your foam board)
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • American Girl hangers and outfits
  • *optional hot glue gun or eraser pieces to secure the push pins

doll tshirt display

Step 1- Place your hangers with your outfits on the foam core board to see where you want to arrange your items. Make a light pencil mark where you want to put your push pin.

Step 2– Push your pins through your pencil mark. Depending on the thickness of your foam core you will want to either back your push pins on the opposite side of your board with a piece of eraser (I cut one eraser from a new pencil in three) OR using a hot glue gun coat your push pin metal with hot glue and push through your mark, let it dry and it will be secure.

doll tshirt display

Step 3– Using your ruler measure 7 inches in and 1 inch down along the widest top edge of your foam core board. Make a mark and push your pencil through. This is where your ribbon will go through so you can hang up your artwork.

Step 4- Measure your ribbon as long as the length of your foam core. Thread the end of the ribbon through the hole and tie a double knot. Repeat this step on the other side.

easy doll clothes display

Step 5– Have a grown up help you put a nail in the wall where you want to display your artwork. Re hang your hangers and doll clothes and place your useable art on the wall!

Now I have great useable art for my office, I needed two boards and the best part is I have space for three more shirts! So when the new American Girl Store opens in St. Louis I will be all set!

I hope you liked today’s craft and that it inspires you to use items you already have to decorate your doll play spaces and rooms! Don’t limit yourself to just the t-shirts! With a little imagination you could use this idea to display your favorite doll dresses, hats, Barbie clothes, and the list goes on…

I can not wait to share more craft ideas with you next week.


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  1. That is so creative and awesome!

  2. Secondie!! I like it!

  3. thirdie! Coolio!!! I like it! How can I make a mop, bucket and broom for those dolly house hold chores?

  4. fourthie! Neat, this is a great idea. Marina i sort of have on idea for how you can do the mop, the bottum of the mop you can use yarn.

  5. Thats a great idea!

  6. My Karen… how your collection has grown! Love the way you displayed it… I got gifted a doll diaries t-shirt this week! Yay!

  7. Liese – I’d love to see pictures of your doll modeling it!

  8. Thanks Ladies! I have even added to my collection since taking these photos!

  9. so cute and cool! and that is a a great idea Karen!!!

  10. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Can we also add scrapbook paper to make it pretty?

  11. Of course you can!

  12. I just got my Doll Diaries t-shirt in the mail from being one of the winners of the Pet Parade. I love it! : ) My Molly doll is modeling it with the snuggly snow pj pants with her hair in a fishtail braid.

  13. That’s awesome! Please send it in so we can share it.

  14. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Char and/or Karen,

    I’m thinking about devoting a corner of my room to American Girl. I know I don’t want to devote the closet because it’s an untamable beast. Any advice

  15. Char, do you have a theme for each month? If You do what is February’s?

  16. Pretty Irish AG I have a corner of my room were i have a doll room, but i kept it small becuase i wanted to look cute and be a cool display, And also if you havea desk you can make a room under it, or a book self.

  17. sorry i ment a book shelf

  18. Chloe I would guess Valentins Day

  19. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Dad and I are making a campstool for AG dolls out of pencils and duct tape. Great way to spend a lazy afternoon

  20. These sound like great ideas! I too have closets I can not tame, but you need to set aside some space and dedicate it to what you want! I love the shelf idea!

  21. Im gonna have a corner in my room for my AG stuff and it’s gonna be sectioned by category like living room ( parlor room) , bed room , gymnastics room , ect