Make Travel Accessories for Dolls

Karen, here! Today I am packing for my trip! I am going to be in Hawaii for vacation and have been thinking of fun travel crafts for my dolls. In 2011 on my blog I published a hand sewn sleep mask and travel pillow

And coupled with the paper book from April 5 th – we can make passports for our dolls.

To make this week’s craft you will need:

  • To print the pattern here
  • 2 pieces of felt
  • Fiber Fill Stuffing or Cotton Balls
  • Scissors
  • Hot or Low Temp Glue gun (You can also hand or machine sew this craft)
  • 1/4 inch elastic cut to 10 inches
  • *Optional Lace for Sleep Mask
  • Paper folded into a book from April 5th’s Craft, Pen or colored pencils, stickers or anything you wish to decorate your passport with.

Step 1– Print out the pattern and cut out the pattern pieces.

Step 2– Cut out two of the “U shape” pieces of Felt and two oval pieces of felt for the sleep mask

Step 3– Add a line of glue along the inside shape of the “U” and up the sides to create a pocket as shown in the photos above.

Step 4– stuff the sides of the “U” shape , add some for the top of the pillow.

Step 5 – Run a line of glue along the top edge and carefully press closed your pillow as shown in the photo above.

Step 6– Trim any access felt along the edges, let dry and your travel pillow is ready to use!

To make the sleep mask:

Step 1– Cut out your pattern piece and your felt

Step 2- If you are using lace to trim cu out enough lace to cover your mask, and glue into place.

Step 3– Measure and cut your elastic. Add a dab of glue a half an inch in from one edge. Press one end of the elastic into place carefully.

Step 4– Add a dab of glue to the other side and repeat step 3.

Step 5– Add more glue to the center of the mask and then inside edge then place your other piece of felt on top between the elastic to cover your elastic ends.

Step 6- Let dry and try on your doll. If you have used lace you may want to trim a triangle shape so that your doll can “breathe” .

To make the passport create a book like the one shown in April 5th’s Doll Diaries Post 

Step 1– Create the book 

Step 2– Decorate anyway you wish!

Now your doll is ready to travel in style! I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and that you will have fun getting ready to travel all over the Dolly World!

Today I used:

What adventures will your dolls take this weekend?