I discovered a doll craft at the grocery store the other day.  I spotted it in the check out line next to the gum.  It actually was a gum container that looked just like a little trash can.  With a little paint and a few details the transformation was complete!

I was especially excited to see how this gum container opened.  It’e easy to open and close and a great opportunities to add a few details to the inside of the trash can!

Let’s take a look!


The container that steals the show because it is just the right size and shape for a doll size trash can is Ice Cubes Gum by Ice Breakers.

The plastic wrapper slips off easily and leaves a plain white container.  Now it is ready to paint any color!

After the paint is completely dry we can add a few more details.

Cut strips of craft foam.

Line the base of the trash can with a strip of craft foam.  I like the finished look the craft foam adds, so I placed a strip under the edge where the lid snaps on.

The trash can opens and closes.  Add a liner for a little detail on the inside!  For the liner use the thin bags that you use for fruit and vegetables in the grocery store.  Push the corner of the bag into the bottom of the trash can.  Trim off the rest of the bag.  To see if it is the right size pull it down over the outside of the can.  Trim it to size.

Pull the bag out.  Place a strip of craft foam around the inside of the opening.  Glue the ends of the strip together.

When you pull out the strip it will make a circle.  Place this circle over the liner.  Pull the liner over the foam strip and glue it in place.

Place the foam loop into the top of the trash can and glue it in place.

Cut a small piece of gray foam to make a pedal.  Glue the pedal to the center front of the trash can.  It’s just for looks and the imagination, but now your doll can “step” on the pedal to open the lid!

Go ahead, toss in the trash while the lid is open!

This little trash can would be fun in a doll size bedroom, office, school, and so much more!

With a few details and a lid that opens and snaps shut, this makes a fun addition to a doll scene!

To think this little trash can was a gum container not too long ago!  It is an amazing transformation!

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  • Doll-Morgan is AG #25
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  • Scene-Dresser tutorial is here.  Lamp is a book light from the dollar store.  Tape dispenser is an eraser.  Bulletin board tutorial is here.  Cards are from American Girl and Our Generations (Target brand).

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