Thanksgiving doll craft

Halloween is officially over and now it is time to start getting ready for the next holiday! Today I wanted to show you how to make a Terrific Turkey Tiara for your dolls for Thanksgiving dinner.

To make your own Terrific Turkey Tiara you will need:

  • Your doll to trace her foot for the Turkey’s body
  • construction paper in white or tan, red, blue, yellow, orange
  • a felt pen
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue stick

Thanksgiving doll craft

Step 1-Remove your dolls shoes and socks. Trace her foot on white or tan paper.

Thanksgiving doll craft

Step 2– Cut out your traced foot. This will be the turkeys body.

Step 3- Cut out four leaf shaped pieces of different colored paper, these will be the tail feathers for your turkey.

Step 4– Cut out a small triangle out of yellow for your turkey’s beak.

Step 5– Cut a small orange shape like a comma, this will be the turkey’s waddle.

Step 6– Cut out a 10 inch strip of black paper for the hair band. My paper was not long enough so I cut out two pieces and taped them together to create the band for your tiara. 

Step 7– Use your felt pen to create eyes for your Turkey. Turn the toe part of your dolls traced foot down and the heal is the “face” of the turkey.

Step 8– Glue your waddle down and then your beak.

Step 9– Fan out and glue your feathers to each other. As shown in the photo above.

Step 10– Make a tape loop and attach the “feathers” to the tiara band. Then attach the “turkey body” with another tape loop.

Now your Terrific Turkey Tiara is ready to wear!

Thanksgiving Tiara for dolls

I hope you have fun making Terrific Turkey Tiaras for your dolls.

My American Girl Doll Ruthie is wearing a Doll Diaries t-shirt, and AG photographer’s pants.