Karen knows that I love to golf – I’d golf every day if I had the time – so she tracked down some doll sized golf clubs and got her dolls ready to play a round or two!

doll golf craft

The American Girl golf outfit is long retired so I was so excited to find this golf set at my local party store. For $3 the set came with plastic driver and club, three different holes, tees, flags and golf balls. All I needed to do was to alter the clubs to make them the right height for our dolls, but that part was easy and fun.

When I opened the package I noticed that the club part and handle came apart, I then trimmed the long plastic tubes carefully with a pair of craft scissors and replaced the handles. It would have been more perfect if the handles were thinner so the dolls could easily hold the clubs however they are still pretty good. I have to admit it was fun to set up the dolls on the grass in the yard so they could play! Best part is I can also use it to practice my putting!

golf sets for dolls

I also have been learning to sew doll clothes since about October of 2010 and I found some amazing free patterns at LibertyJane.com, I have made many outfits from their patterns and just downloaded the Polo shirt which is perfect for doll golf apparel. I can not wait to try to make one!

golf skirt dolls

I found the perfect golf print material and I made in to golf shorts and a skirt.  So now my doll play golf set and clothes are perfect for a doll play round of golf!

I look forward to bringing you more doll play ideas and crafts next week!

By Karen of Karen Mom of Three