Anna here!  Today I’m adding to the clay creating fun that’s on Doll Diaries all week!

When I was about 8 I helped my mom make real candy ornaments for our tree.  We melted hard candies into a small circular mold.  When the candy cooled she put on a clear projective spray, tied on a ribbon and added it to the tree.  I remember admiring those lovely, shiny ornaments sparkling in the tree lights.

Years later those ornaments met their demise while being stored in the off season.  Let’s just say… “the ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah”…but it’s more like “the ants go marching one by a thousand, hurrah, hurrah”…well at least where we lived in California!

With that shiny tree candy in my mind’s eye, I wanted to create something sweet for the doll tree this year.  This time the shine and sparkle would last, because this sweet is actually made of clay!

Of course you can easily leave off the ornament hanger and it is a doll sized treat!

Now working with a bakeable clay is brand new to me, but I love trying new things!  With the Doll Diaries and Sculpey challenge this week, I rolled up my sleeves and sat down to play with the clay for a while, to get a feel for it and decide what this tree treat would be!  I have to say I had a great time and it was even more fun that my kids joined me at the clay crafting table!  We will definitely be creating with clay again soon!

Let’s take a look at what we need for this project!


  • Sculpey clay in 3 colors (I’m using Pluffy)
  • clear or white glitter
  • wire
  • clay piercing tool
  • toothpick
  • scissors

Being new to the whole bakeable clay aisle I thought I’d share a little about what I learned, just in case there might be a few of you that haven’t tried it before!  Bakeable clay comes in a few different varieties.  Today I am working with Sculpey Pluffy from Polyform.  It is lightweight and oh-so-squishy!  The soft texture is easy to bend and shape.  I was amazed that it also never dries out!  I could leave my projects and come back to them right where I left off.

This is the Pluffy Primary Variety pack.  I wanted a few extra colors so I simply mixed colors to make the colors I wanted.  It was the simple rule red+yellow=orange, red+white =pink…and so on.  I mixed the clay to make the light green I am using in this tutorial.  The light green was made mixing mostly yellow with a little green.  I also custom mixed the blue in the first few photos to make a color closer to turquoise.  It is a combination of blue and green.  The skys the limit to make your own color combinations!   Now let’s get started!

Roll 3 colors of clay out to the same length.

Combine the colors and roll them together.

Keep rolling until the “clay rope” gets a little thinner and smoother.

Start twisting one end.  Twist gently and slowly.

The rope will get thinner and longer as you twist .

Work your way down the rope twisting.

It’s time to form the lollipop!  Starting at one end roll it onto a circle.

Keep rolling until it is the size you want it.  Mine is about 1″ across

Cut off the extra clay rope.

Gently press the end onto the side of the lollipop.

If you are making an ornament, push the piercing tool gently through the middle of the lollipop.  In one side and out the other!

If you just want to make a lollipop you only need to push it halfway into the middle.

Let’s make the wire hanger for the ornament!

Using thin wire cut a small  3″ piece.  Make a small loop in the middle of the wire.

Press the ends of the wire close together.

Holding the loop, carefully cut off the wire ends with heavy duty scissors.

Now for the lollipop stick!

Trim one point off of a toothpick.  Slide the remaining pointed end into the hole on the lollipop you made with the piercing tool.  It will go through half of the lollipop.

 Place the wire hanger in the other hole at he top of the lollipop.

Let’s give this lollipop a little shimmer and shine!

Lightly sprinkle the lollipop with a little clear or white glitter (or use both!).  Gently press it into the clay.

It’s baking time!

Place the ornament onto a baking sheet.  To bake, follow the instructions on the package.

It’s easy peasy!  Mine took only 15 min to bake and a few minutes to cool…

…and onto the tree it went! Yeah!

Whether you add these sweet decorations to your doll tree or make a sweet treat for your doll, this is a quick and easy project.  I had loads of fun trying a product that’s new to me!  I even went back to the store to pick up a few colors from the Sculpey Bake Shop line, to give it a try!  I know I’ll enjoy more clay crafting with my kids this month!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Saige, AG GOTY
  • Outfit-Dress and boots are Saige’s meet outfit.  Leggings are from the AG, Soft-as-Snow Outfit.  Scarf information is here.
  • Scene-A little more about the scene is here.

Craft something sweet for your dolls!