How to make a doll cake

Today I wanted to share with you this Special Occasion Cake I made for my dolls using items I bought at Michael’s the craft store for under $5. This easy to make cake is made from a wooden trinket box that reminded me of the birthday cake I saw in the American Girl Bistro on my last visit to the store.

To make your own Special Occasion Cake for your doll you will need to take a quick trip to your local craft store.

You will need:

  • A small wooden box
  • Paint (I used pink and white)
  • A paint brush
  • Some Foam Stickers in shapes, patterns and colors you like
  • 1 white pipe cleaner
  • yellow paper, felt or fun foam
  • 7 beads with wide openings to hold your “pipe cleaner candles”
  • scissors
  • glue gun, craft glue or glue dots
  • a ruler

Step 1 – Remove the sticker from the bottom of your wooden box, this will be the top of your cake. Turn your box over as shown in the first photo. The lid will now be the cake plate!

Step 2– Use the paint you have chosen for the cake plate, paint the edges and sides of it only, the center will be covered by the “cake”, let dry.

Step 3– Paint the box which will now be known as the cake. Cover the top and sides with the color you have chosen for the “icing”. Let it dry.

Step 4– once the “Cake Plate and Cake” are dry, re assemble your cake as shown above.

Step 5– Use your foam stickers as cake decorations. Lay out your stickers before you pull the backs off of them. Once you have decided on a design, remove the sticker’s paper from the back and put them in place.

Step 6– When you have finished decorating your cake with stickers, you will need to attach your candle holders. I decided to use 7 beads for my cake, gluing a bead to each corner on the top of my cake and one in the center of the heart. If you are using a glue gun you should have an adults help. If you are using craft glue, it will take a few hours to dry, if you are using glue dots, it is ready to use.

Step 7-create candles for your cake by cutting your pipe cleaner to 1 ½ inches. Cut small yellow triangles for the flames of your cake from your paper, fun foam or felt,using a little bit of glue attach the “flame” to the “candle” let them dry. When they are dry you can place them in the candle holders on your cake, store them inside your “cake” when you are finished playing with your cake or for when your doll cake is not for a birthday.

Today my American Girl doll Jillian is wearing an outfit made by Katie. The framed photo of my American Girl Doll Chrissa came from my friend Deena of the You Tube Channel of Background in my photos from American Doll Room and the tea set was a gift from my sister and nieces for Christmas from a Canadian distributor ACE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s special occasion cake craft. I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas with you next week.