Anna here!  This summer Laura Kelly from the Doll Diaries team sent me some of her adorable iron-on’s and decals.  I love trying all kinds of crafty items that are doll sized!  In June I tried out the iron-on’s. (Come and see if you missed the project!)   Today I’m using these little decals to liven up a doll scene with school posters!  Show some school spirit whether your dolls are in public school, homeschool, or private school!  Yay, for learning!!  Let’s see these little posters in action!

“Ah, a new year at school.”  Morgan thinks to herself.  “I had a great summer but it’s great to be back in school.”

“What’s this?  A back to school bash?  Oh I remember last years!  It was more like a back to school carnival.  The games, the tickets, the hot dogs and nachos, and my favorite, the climbing wall!”

Morgan heads over to her locker to get a few things before the bell rings.

“Wow!  I didn’t hear about the sports club!  I love soccer and my best friend, Maria, loves basketball.  I bet she would join the club with me!”


“Oh that’s the bell!  I better hurry so I’m not late for 1st period!”

Project Supplies:

Here are Laura Kelly’s Family Decals.  They are white and show up on a dark back ground.  Coming in many, many more designs than shown here, there is something for everyone!  They stick to many surfaces like metal, glass, and plastic.  You may have seen them on the back window of cars, but they are so cute, they are used for any crafting purpose you can dream up!  From 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ tall, their size is perfect for doll projects!  We are putting them on paper for our fun doll sized posters.  Let’s take a look at how they work.

Under the packaging there is stiff white paper with the decals attached to it.

Take the sheet and separate the stiff paper from the thin sheet.

The decals are attached to this thin sheet.  The sheet you are pulling up is sticky.

Position the decal on a piece of cardstock paper.  Rub the back of the decal to smooth it and help it stick better.

Pull back the thin sheet slowly, carefully checking to make sure the decal is sticking to your poster.  The decal is like a clear sticker.  If it’s not coming off of the thin sheet then you can find the edge of the clear decal and hold it down with one finger on the paper.  Slowly peel the thin sheet back leaving the decal on the poster.


Smooth it out with your hand and this little decal is ready to dress up a doll size poster!

Here is the decal pack I used for the Back to School Bash poster.  As you can see I used 3 decals out of the collection.

These sports decals can be used individually but I decided to cluster them all together for the sports poster.

To add the lettering I used Tulip’s dimensional fabric paint (It’s like puffy paint).  It has a thin tip and is easy to write with.  It is what I had on hand, but I’m sure there are other options of paint or markers that would show up on dark paper.

I put these little signs together for a school scene.  Have fun with these little decals and dream up posters for your doll scenes.  How about in your doll’s bedroom?  Wouldn’t they be fun at the skating rink?  Ooooo, the sky’s the limit!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Morgan, AG #25
  • Outfit- Skirt tutorial is here.  Shirt is made by Anna
  • Scene- Locker tutorial is here.  Backpack tutorial is here.

Doll scenes open the imagination for play!