Leprechauns and shamrocks and rainbows and pots o’ gold.  Yep, St. Patrick’s Day!  Here is a fun little decoration for your doll space!  It is a colorful rainbow table runner and a doll sized pot o‘ gold!      

St Patricks Day Rainbow and doll size pot of gold

This cheery rainbow is sure to liven up your dolls table this March!

St Patricks Day Rainbow and doll size pot of gold

Luckily there is nothing illusive about this pot o’ gold at the end of this rainbow!  It is quick and easy to make with a few things from around the house!  

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need for the rainbow table runner and the pot o’ gold.

St Patricks Day Rainbow and doll size pot of gold

Rainbow table runner supplies:

  • felt in rainbow colors and white
  • ruler
  • white chalk
  • fabric scissors

St Patricks Day Rainbow and doll size pot of gold

Pot o’ gold supplies:

  • yellow felt
  • gold sequins
  • cotton balls
  • plastic fruit cup (single servings cups with mandarins, apple sauce, peaches, etc)
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • glue or hot glue
  • tissue paper
  • foam paint brush
  • black paint or black spray paint

1. Rainbow Table Runner

To get started we are going to cut 1/2” wide strips out of each sheet of colored felt.  With chalk and a ruler mark a strip 1/2” wide along the long side of the felt sheet.  

Cut a 3” wide strip out of the white felt.  Lay out the colored strips on the white strip in rainbow order.  Working on one strip at a time glue them down to the white base. 

With chalk, draw two clouds on the white felt and then cut them out. 

Glue a cloud to each end of the rainbow.

2. The Pot o’ Gold

Wash and dry the fruit cup.  Now to make the pot black I have two ideas.  One is to simply spray paint it.  I wanted to have a second option if spray paint isn’t your thing.  Craft paint alone on the plastic would scratch or peel off too easily.  So instead, grab some Mod Podge, tissue paper and black paint!  Paint on the Mod Podge with the foam brush, add a layer of tissue paper that has been torn into small pieces, and then paint one more coat of Mod Podge on top of that.  When it is dry, paint it with craft paint.  This layer of tissue paper and Mod Podge will give the paint a little more to stick to and will not come off as easily.  The tissue paper adds a little texture and character to your pot o‘ gold!  Here the pots are, side by side, so you can see the difference.    

Now for the gold!  Trace the top of the pot onto a yellow piece of felt with a piece of chalk.

After it is cut out, add the sequins.  Spread glue out in small sections and sprinkle on the sequins.  Dump off the extra sequins and continue with more glue until the circle is covered in sequins.  The edges don’t need to be fully covered. 

Add the cotton balls to the pot.  Put enough in to make a mound. 

Glue the edges of the circle to the inside of the pot.  Work your way around the pot glueing and poking the edges of the circle down into the glue.  It doesn’t have to be perfect!  The imperfections give it character!  If there are any spots that are thin on sequins add a little more glue and sequins!  


It looks like you’ve found your pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow this year! 

It’s fun to make a few seasonal things for your dolls and their dolly space! 

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