August is always a favorite time of year for me with school just around the corner. I have always loved school supplies and getting a new back pack. I thought it would be fun to share with you an easy to make back pack for your doll that can be made with items from your local craft or dollar store and party store for under $3, filled with doll sized back to school items.

Pattern to make a doll sized backpack

First to make the back pack you will need one piece of felt, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread, a button, fabric glue or a glue gun, a craft gem to decorate, a pencil and a ruler.

Doll Backpack Pattern Step 1

Cut out a 4 inch wide by 8 inch rectangle from a piece of felt. Then cut two strips out of the remaining felt ¾ of an inch wide and 8 inches long.

I glued my back pack with a hot glue gun, but you can use fabric glue or hand sew your backpack – it is up to you.

Doll backpack step 2

Fold the rectangle up from the bottom 3 inches and finger press it. Next, run a line of glue on each of the two sides to create a pocket.

Next fold the top over and finger press it, too.

backpack step5

Open the flap you just created and place a button in the center. Thread your needle and attach the button to felt, carefully not sewing the button so that the back pack doesn’t open. Once you have sewn on your button, fold the top flap and eye the center of the flap and make a very small snip with your scissors, this makes the button hole. Put your button through the hole and you have a closed backpack. I did attach the gem at this time to the bottom of the backpack with hot glue.

Turn the back pack over and attach the straps by adding a dab of glue ½ inch in and down from the top and then “like you would make a tape loop on paper” glue on one end of the strap, then repeat on the bottom.

Repeat on the other side and then you are ready to fill your backpack. To fill the back pack with school supplies like mine look at the dollar store, party store or even Target for mini school supplies. I found mine at Party City for 35 cents each.

Now your doll can wear her own backpack to doll school!

I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week. ~ By Karen of Karen Mom of Three