Pink Panda Doll Restaurant
This week I had so much fun creating Chinese food for our dolls using only felt from the dollar store that I had on hand. I did purchase these fun serving dishes at my local kitchen shop but was able to purchase all these dishes for my doll play collection for under $7.00.

You may have these dishes in your own collection and it’s always best to shop at home first. I was able to get theperfect size steamer for doll play for only $2.99. The smallest plates were .39 cents each and the large stir fry bowl was .59 cents. The serving spoon which is a salt spoon was only .98 cents and the other two bowls I had purchased at Wal-mart for .98 cents each.

Felt colors you will need to make today’s craft:

  • Tan Felt
  • White Felt
  • Light Green Felt
  • Orange Felt
  • Red Felt
  • Dark Brown Felt

You will also need:

  • Glue (I used a glue gun as it dries almost instantly, white glue will work but it will take longer to dry)
  • Scissors
  • And a pencil
  • Something to trace to make the circles for the cookies ( I used the bottom of a jell-o pudding cup)

Let’s get started!

doll craft with felt stir fry

We’ll start with the stir fry. I cut up long thin strips of white felt to create my noodles. I made a “nest” with them in my hand then placed them in the bowl. Next I cut up some green strips, red strips and orange strips for the vegetables. I cut out slightly thicker Brown Felt for the beef, which is optional if you and your dolls happen to be vegetarians. Once you have your stir fry in place you may want to glue it into your plates, or you can leave it the way it is and store it in a zip lock bag when you are not using it.

doll craft food steam buns

Next I made the steam buns. I made them to fit in the steamer and I made four of them by cutting out an egg shape that was 2 inches long out of white felt.

To create the steam buns I folded the egg shape in half and pinched it to form an “x” then I added glue inside the “X” and held it closed until it dried. I made 4 and then put them in the steamer.

doll craft felt food

The egg rolls were also easy and fun to make. I cut a 5 inch by 4 inch rectangle out of the tan felt and then cut long strips of green, red and white felt. I placed the cut strips in the middle of the felt and glued the ends of the strips to the tan felt. Next I folded the tan felt over the strips lengthwise and added a strip of glue along the edge, I then folded the other edge on top of the glue line and pressed it closed until it dried.

doll craft egg rolls

Next I folded the ends up and glued them into place. I then cut the egg roll in half and added some more glue to make sure the insides stayed in place.

make doll sized fortune cookies

No Chinese meal would be complete with out fortune cookies. These were very easy to make. I traced the bottom of a Jell-o pudding cup which is a 2 inch circle on to my tan felt and I cut it out. Next I folded it in half and glued it shut. When it was dry I folded it and pinched the sides, I added a dab of glue under the fold and held it in place until it dried. I did not add a fortune but you could do this easily by leaving a small opening along side of the cookie where the glue goes to close it.

There are so many other fun ways you could make your own Chinese take out or your own restaurant. You can print take out boxes from and you can decorate your restaurant using some of the ideas found on line such as lanterns and masks from Enchanted Learning’s Chinese New Year section. If you could find the really small disposable bowls you can make a Chinese hat for yourself and your doll . You can also find more Chinese New Year Printables at

*As I often get asked where I got the clothes my dolls are wearing I thought I would let you know what Chrissa is wearing in the photos. I ordered her Mandarin Pajamas from my Emily Rose @ home consultant ($15.99). I love how they look and fit and they can be used for more then just PJ’s (or restaurant wear) – they would also make a great Halloween Costume for your doll.

Enjoy the weekend! I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week. ~ By Karen of Karen Mom of Three