I sewed my daughter a set of matching placemats a number of years ago.  They took me some time to stitch together.  I love all the details of a set table, especially for our dolls!  Today I have a no-sew version that is just as cute but SO simple!

This craft is an awesome way to use cute fabric scraps.  In no time you will have fun little doll size placemats!

Since Easter is coming up I decided to use seasonal fabric but of course you can make this placemat in any color or pattern!

Let’s take a look at the supplies.


  • Phoomph
  • fabric
  • scissors

I have to mention that Phoomph is what makes this a no-sew project.  If you don’t have Phoomph you could always use felt in place of the Phoomph and stitch around the edges to keep the cotton fabric from fraying.  Felt or craft foam by itself is also an awesome no-sew placemat alternative.   If you are new to Phoomph, here is more about it.  I love to buy things on sale, so I have to mention that if you are looking to buy Phoomph I noticed it’s on sale today at JoAnn.com!

Before we get started on the placemats, let’s take a look at the fun seasonal fabric I am using.

Did you recognize the signature doodles of Laura Kelly, a regular Doll Diaries contributor?  I was excited she sent me this fabric, it is playful, fun and perfectly doll sized!

Now let’s put these simple placemats together!  We need 3 matching rectangles, 2 out of fabric and 1 out of Phoomph.

Remove the paper backing on one side of the Phoomph and place it on the fabric.  Repeat with the other side of the Phoomph.  Now the Phoomph has fun fabric on both sides.  Trim around the edges to even it up.

Phoomph makes the fabric stiff and flat and keeps the edges from fraying.

That makes these no-sew and no-fuss placemats!

A fun addition to the doll’s table for any season!

I’m loving the Easter themed fabric by Laura Kelly that I used today!  This craft is a great way to use any fun doll size printed fabric you may have!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll-Caroline is an AG Historical character.
  • Outfit-Shirt, skirt and hair flower made by Anna
  • Scene-Cafe table and Chair set from Queens Treasure.  Tea set was a thrifty find.

Craft a little fun for your doll’s table!