Do you have one of these mini tiaras, that is sold as a party favor?  They are the perfect size for dolls!

They are inexpensive and cheaply made, so it’s no surprise that the hair comb on the tiara easily breaks off.  With a little elastic cord I made this little tiara easier for the dolls to wear!  You can slip it on like a headband or double up the elastic to fit around the bun.

Let’s take a look at what I used.


  • thin elastic chord
  • felt
  • scissors
  • mini tiara (I found mine at Walmart in the party favor section)

Break off the hair comb on a party favor tiara.

Cut a length of elastic to fit around a doll’s head.   Glue each end of the elastic on each side of the tiara.

Cut two small pieces of felt and glue them over the elastic ends.

This mini tiara slips on easily as a headband or wear it attached to the bun by doubling it around the bun.  Now it’s ready for play!!

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Doll-Caroline is an AG Historical Character

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