How to make doll necklaces

For today’s post I thought I would show you how easy it is to make your doll a chain necklace with a charm using items from the craft and dollar store you can make your dolls several different necklaces for under $10.00. These would make a great birthday party craft!

doll necklace supplies

To create necklaces for your dolls you will need:

  • small chain 2 meters/6.56 feet ( I got mine at Michael’s the craft store for $4.99 -40% coupon you can make at least 8 necklaces )
  • ring clasps 18 (I got them at my dollar store $1.25)
  • jump rings ( I got at my dollar store $1.25)
  • small or medium sized charms. (I have a collection of them from Michael’s I often pick them up for 4 in a package under $1, you can also find them at the dollar store, Walmart) and on line on Etsy. ( I order charms from regularly.)
  • a pair of needle nose pliers, with wire cutting blade or surface, you can find them at the dollar store, hardware store or in your home tool box.
  • a ruler

* You may want to make your dolls necklaces shorter but I like the length of 7 inches with larger charms. Do not cut your chain less then 5 inches as it will be too small for your dolls neck.

doll necklace supplies

Step one– unravel your chain and measure 7 inches

Step two– using your needle nose pliers wire cutting blade, snip the chain at 7 inches, as shown below.

doll necklace supplies

Step three– open two jump rings, you should be able to open jump rings with your fingers, if they are stiff you can use your pliers.

Step four– at one end of your chain slip the jump ring through one of the links of the chain and close it. You may wish to use your pliers to close the jump ring. This will be the end of your necklace.

Step five– at the other end of your chain slip the jump ring through a chain link, and add a ring clasp to your jump ring and close the ring.

doll necklace supplies

Step six– open the ring clasp and attach it to the jump ring as if you were going to put the necklace on.

Step seven– find the bottom middle of your chain, where you are going to place your charm so your necklace will hang straight.

Step eight– open your jump ring and place it through the chain link that is the “bottom middle”

doll necklace supplies

Step nine– with the jump ring still open, add your charm and close the link as shown on the necklace above.

Step ten– open the clasp and put your necklace on your doll.
Step eleven– repeat with remaining chain and supplies until you have made all the necklaces you desire!

doll necklace supplies

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post!