Doll Craft: Make Your Own Doll School Supplies

what you need to make doll school supplies

Last week I showed you how to make a great backpack for your doll with some fun accessories I found at Party City. Some of you wrote me to let me know you do not have a Party City store near you and would like to make your own doll sized school supplies and it reminded me of a post I did in April for my blog on making your own Stationary Set for your doll . I thought I would adapt it to make pencils and pencil crayons (also known as colored pencils) for doll sized school supplies as well as give you some printable options for your own doll play collection.

First let’s make pencils. You will need some round tooth picks. I bought a box of 1000 at the dollar store –  a great deal for $1.25 and I am sure I will never run out! You also need some scissors, a yellow marker, a pink marker and a black marker.

DIY doll pencil from a toothpick

Simply snip off the end of your tooth pick if you tooth pick has two points as mine did, and color the pencil yellow from almost the tip to the end. Then color the top tip pink to create the eraser. Finally color the tip black for the pencil tip and your pencil is complete!

I thought it would be fun to make pencil crayons as well.

Doll sized colored pencils

Pencil crayons are my favorite school supply, I have more then you could imagine! So these are a fun addition to my doll play collection.

Now let’s talk about books. There are some fun printables online to make your doll her own books.  The PrintMini site ( has patterns for books but you will need to make the books twice the size by enlarging them on your computer – then these leather bound books will perfectly fit your doll.

On the page there are a larger variety of mini printables but again these items will need to be doubled in size to work for our dolls. And on the same site, the mini schoolroom page ( has some really cute old fashion books that would work really well with our historical girls.

twilight doll shirt

You can also find images of your favorite books online by going to Google images or Amazon and typing in the name of the book you want and lots of great photos come up. Copy, paste, resize and print for your doll. I did this for a friend’s daughter who really liked Twilight.

To make the book, I printed out the size I wanted the book to be and pasted it onto cardboard. I folded the cardboard into a book and glued in paper pages so you could actually open the book.

What doll sized school supplies have you made?

I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week. ~ By Karen of Karen Mom of Three


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  1. firsty! cool! My sister makes desks for her dols by cut in the top of shoe boxes, and then cutting a hole in one side. It works really well for her doll school.

  2. I love your ideas, Thank for sharing them!

  3. THIRDIE! I got the Doll School book (which is one of AGs better craft books, BTW) and have made tons of books like that, and also have made the locker and more from that book. It’s great!

  4. I am so glad you liked them! I hope to bring you more fun crafts next week!

  5. Karen, that printable minis website is PURE GOLD! I am in love with it! How do you double the sizes exactly?

  6. Karen- you were right I do love this weeks post!!! LOL I will most definately make this stuff. : )

  7. Love Them!! <3

  8. When I double things in size I usually cut and paste into word and then re-size it by right clicking on the photo and clicking the format option on the tab, then I click the size button and re-size it from there I am sure there are easier ways though. I hope that helps! Olivia I am so happy to here you liked the post as you inspired it!

  9. Cool! Thanks for making a post without party city. The closest one is an hour away.

  10. I made doll sized seat by taking a mini sized box and I painted it.

  11. NikkiBear98 says:

    This is really cool! I’ve made a Dairy of a Wimpy Kid hardcover doll book and few months ago, and i made it the same way you did! Also, once I was at a Gift Shop and my mom spotted a tiny capsule with mini colored pencils inside that are about an inch long! And they really work as pencils!

  12. Karen- Really? I inspired this post!?!? I am touched. :’ )

  13. Yes Olivia you did I take what you ladies tell me you would like and consider the information you give me. Then I think, well what can I make with what I have or what is easy and inexpensive to get. Olivia you letting me know that you did not have access to the party supplies made me think, and so yes inspired by you.
    One of my most favorite things to do is to make every day items into Doll Play items and I try to do so in a way that would be easy for others to re produce. I am trying to think of something fun for Friday! Okay so here is a hint for an up coming post…save the lids from your Orange Juice containers for an up coming craft….

  14. Wonder what it’ll be………………..

  15. Neat ideas. I do the book thing a lot. I have 30-40 doll sized books! It’s crazy.
    I’m going to make those pencils!

  16. Karen- : ) aw I am touched. your welcome and thanks for posting this. I will make those pencils and books. (p.s. my dolls LOVE the backpack. They are all fighting over who gets it next. LOL and with the leftover felt I made a purse for my sisters doll. She loves that too.)

  17. i made the colored pencils. and i LOVE them!!!! awesome idea karen. i love these craft ideas keep them coming! oh can u plz do a back to school themed one with even more ideas??? thx

  18. oh and im also going 2 make doll sized books out of the flyer from my school’s bookfair. And anyone who has a local Old Navy near them should definitely check it out they have pop up crayons and a set of 10 mini markers for a $1.