Doll Breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Continuing with my doll food theme of the last three weeks I thought I would share some easy and fun doll breakfast ideas you can easily make with items you may have on hand. I had so much fun making Eggs and Bacon, Pancakes, Toast and a “Pop Tart.”

Make doll pancakes from fun foam

To create these doll sized breakfasts you will need:

  • Tan fun foam
  • White fun foam
  • Dark brown fun foam
  • A black marker
  • White glue
  • Red paint
  • Pink felt
  • Yellow felt

Make doll eggs and bacon

To make the eggs and bacon I first cut out the white egg shape and then I cut a small circle out of the yellow felt for the yolk. I glued the yolk to the egg white and let it dry. Next I cut thin strips of tan felt for the bacon and used the black marker to make the lines in the bacon.

Make breakfast for your dolls

To make the toast I cut out a bread shape out of dark brown foam and one slightly smaller out of the tan foam. I glued them to each other and used the red paint to add the “jam” and let it dry. I cut it in half with scissors on an angle just like I would do for regular toast.

how to make doll pancakes

For the Pancakes I traced a jell-o container onto the fun foam. Then I cut out some butter squares. Next I glued the tan pancakes together and added the butter topping.

For the toaster pastry (also known as a Pop-Tart) I cut out a rectangular piece of tan fun foam and then a slightly smaller one out of white for the icing. I also cut very small pieces of pink felt for the sprinkles. I glued the white fun foam to the tan and topped the white icing with a little white glue and the pink sprinkles. When it is dry it fits perfectly in your doll’s hand.

diy doll toaster pastry

I hope you have enjoyed these easy to make doll breakfasts’ and I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week. ~ By Karen of Karen Mom of Three