Doll Size Candy Canes Craft

For today’s post I thought it would be fun to share with you how to make doll sized Candy Canes that you can have your dolls hold and enjoy or that can help them decorate their own Christmas trees.

To make doll sized candy canes you will need:

  • Red Pipe cleaners
  • White Pipe cleaners
  • *optional and not shown Green Pipe cleaners
  • craft scissors to cut the Pipe Cleaners
  • a ruler

pipe cleaners candy canes

Step 1– Measure 4 inches on your pipe cleaners and carefully make cuts. You should be able to cut three 4 inch pieces from one piece. Repeat on both your red and white (and green if you would like) pipe cleaners.

how to make a pipe cleaner candy cane

Step 2– Twist to pieces of pipe cleaner together to create stripes

Step 3– Bend a “hook” on one end of your pipe cleaner to create your candy cane

Step 4 – Place in your doll’s hand or on a doll sized tree, and repeat the steps until you run out of pipe cleaners. These can be used year after year and look great on a full sized tree as well!

doll size candy canes

If you are looking for your own doll sized Christmas tree, I found the one in the photos above from Walmart. It was $1.97. The dress Chrissa is wearing today was made by Sew Crazy Army Wife on Etsy ( and to dress up the dress I added a holiday ribbon I saved from last year. You can dress up your own holiday outfits easily by adding a holiday print ribbon to a dress you may already have.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s craft I look forward to sharing more crafts with you soon!