Anna here!  With camp starting next week Saige and Maria have gone early to set up.  To help the campers get around they have made signs for important areas.  One of these signs is the large welcome sign.  It will be a popular place to pose for camp pictures but it will also point the way to the different areas of camp.

Maria added some of these important areas at camp to the sign.  Customize your sign and add the unique areas at your camp!


Saige and Maria are so excited for their campers, Cabin Red Rock, to arrive.  They all voted on the name, inspired by the red rock formations in the area.  To mark the trail to the cabin they set up a small sign.

Now time to get back to work!  They need a few more small signs for the main areas of camp!

Join us and make some signs for camp!  Here’s what you need.


  • popsicle sticks- regular and wide
  • camp sign printable PDF (I printed mine on cardstock but regular printer paper would work too.)
  • cardstock or scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • permanent marker
  • glue (I used hot glue but craft glue will work.  Be sure to allow time to dry.)
To get started I glued together popsicle sticks to make the 2 long posts for the sign.  Mine are 16 1/2″ long.

Next make the 2 shorter sides of the sign out of popsicle sticks.  Mine are 9 inches long.  Glue the 4 sides together making a rectangle for the sign.  My rectangle roughly measures 8″ long by 6 3/4″ tall.


The sign will stand on it’s own because we glue a popsicle stick perpendicular to the end of each post.  Put glue in the center of the stick and place it on the end of the post.  You may need to hold it until the glue sets up.

Now for the sign!  Get creative an use what you like and have on hand for the sign.  I layered two pieces of cardstock scrapbook paper.  I used a solid purple on the bottom and a yellow and white patterned paper on top.

Next I decorated and arranged the sign using the camp sign printable PDF.  I decided to make one little change.  I used a wide popsicle stick for the “Welcome” part.

Don’t forget there are blank spots to add your own items to the sign.  Maybe you have a tent area or a camp store.  Yea, a camp store!  I think I’ll be adding that to mine!


Now for the small camp signs!  They are great to mark different parts of camp!  Glue popsicle sticks to make two 9″ posts.   Connect the two posts with 3 wide popsicle sticks.  Write the name of the camp spot on two sticks and glue them on the front.  Add a stick to the bottom of each post just like the larger sign.

Things are coming along!  Now for the rest of the campers to arrive!  Saige and Maria can’t wait!

Camp Doll Diaries is just around the corner!  Get ready for your campers and make a few camp signs!

Just in case you are interested here are a few details from today’s post!

See you next week at camp! 🙂