Anna here!  With Halloween tomorrow I wanted to make one more Halloween costume, butterfly wings for your doll!  My youngest daughter will be a butterfly for her second year in a row.  She’s a few months shy of two years old and doesn’t notice or care it’s the same costume as last year.  One reason I wanted to get at least 2 years out of the costume, is that I made the wings.  I have a simplified version of butterfly wings for your doll’s costume today!

To make the wings it uses basic stuff like craft foam, paper, and paint.  This is a quick craft if you only use paper for basic wing details.   If you decide to add paint details you will have to allow time for the paint to dry.


Just like my daughter’s costume I paired the fun wings with a dress.  This doll size pair of wings is colored like a monarch butterfly because I had this orange and black doll dress.  You can take a look at you doll wardrobe and make these wings in any color to go with a favorite doll dress!


Let’s take a look at what we’ll need.


  • black cardstock
  • craft foam
  • white and black puffy paint
  • paint brush (to brush on the glue if you are using wet glue for foam)
  • glue (not pictured)
  • scissors
  • elastic chord
  • black felt (not pictured)

Take a black piece of cardstock that is 8 1/2″ x 11″ and fold it in half so it measures 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.  Cut the paper in half across the middle of the 5 1/2″ side.  With the fold on the left, draw the top wing section on the top paper and the bottom wing section on the bottom paper.  Be sure there will still be at least 1″ of the fold left for both sections of wings.  The fold is on the left where the wing sections meet.  Cut out both wing sections.

Fold a second piece of black paper, trace the wing sections and cut them out.  Cut 2 skinny strips of paper for the butterfly body.  You should have two upper wing sections and two lower wing sections and two body sections.



Unfold the upper wing and lower wing and layer the body section on the craft foam.  Trace around the outside of the butterfly.  Cut the shape out of the foam.


Fold the paper wings again on their fold lines.  Draw simple details on one side of the folded wings.  I sketched 4 sections on the upper wing and one outline shape on the bottom wing.


Cut out the shapes, leaving a black border around each shape.  If the shape is hard to reach poke a hole in the middle of the shape with a pencil.  Place the scissors in the hole to get the cut started.


When the wing details are cut out, place it on the second wind section and trace the details onto that wing.


Unfold the wing sections and glue them on the craft foam cut-out.  There are matching wing sections for the front and back of the wing.   Glue a body section on one side.


Before you glue on the matching body section to the other side, make the straps to attach the wings to your doll.  For the straps, glue a length of elastic chord, folded to create two loops, to a strip of black felt.  Glue the felt section to the craft foam so the elastic loops line up with the center of the butterfly.  Cover the felt strip with the butterfly body section.  You can stop here with simple paper detailed butterfly wings.  They are ready to go!


Get out out the puffy paint if you want to add a little paint detail.  This project is two sided.  Leave enough time to allow the paint to completely dry (mine says 4 hours) before you flip it over and paint the other side!  If you are using two colors you may even want to let one color dry before you add another color.

Add wing details to the lower wing sections with black puffy paint.  Draw a loop in the center of the lower wing with lines connecting the center loop to the outside of the wing.


Trace the upper wing paper details with the black puffy paint.  On the body section of the butterfly add a few details with the black paint.  Allow the black paint to dry.

Add dots with white puffy paint to the outside of the wings.  Allow the white paint to dry.  Flip the butterfly over and add the black and white paint details to this side of the wing.  Allow to dry.

Around the outside rim of the wings spread a thin layer of black paint to hide the orange edge.  Allow to dry and your wings are finished!


Store the wings flat, on a piece of wax paper, when not in use and they will be ready anytime for play!

My daughter’s wings turned out so cute that I hung them on her wall as decor throughout the year.  Tuesday I took them down and she wore them for a little Halloween party!  I took the time to make them last year and they were just as fun to use again this year!

I really think these would be stunning in a rainbow of colors!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll– Julie, AG Historical Character
  • Outfit– Dress information is here.
  • Scene- Banner information is here.

Happy Halloween!