Camp Doll Diaries

Anna Here!  Yea, Camp Doll Diaries is underway!  I went to camp every summer as a teen and we always, always made matching accessories to wear with our fellow campers! 🙂  Gather all your doll sized campers around and make this cute camp visor!  Enjoy adding your own personal touch to this camp accessory for your dolls!

Saige and Kit’s visor colors and embellishments are inspired by the Camp Doll Diaries logo.  Maybe your campers have a color or theme they want to share with each other!


Since this is Camp Doll Diaries I’ll be turning the demonstration over to Saige!

Follow me right this way.  She is running the doll craft table today.

She has already started so let’s slip in and listen.  I don’t think we’ve missed much…

“Alright Cabin Red Rock , I’ve laid out everything we need to each make a coordinating visor.  We are using the Camp Doll Diaries logo as inspiration but feel free to personalize your own.”

“Let me point out the supplies we are going to use and then we can get started!”

  • the printable visor pattern (If you don’t have access to a printer, here is a great tutorial to make a visor without a pattern!)
  • craft foam
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • 3 1/2 ” thin elastic cord (found with beading and kids craft supplies)
  • for the visor band-1/2″ X 6 1/4″ of trim such as bling on a roll or craft foam
  • embellishments (Mine are shapes cut out of foam.  Buttons, jewels, stickers, or anything little and cute will work!)
  • glue- not pictured (I recommend using foam glue or hot glue.)

“Okay girls let’s get started!  Grab a piece of craft foam, your pattern, a pencil, and the scissors.  Cut out the pattern.  Place it on a piece of craft foam and trace around it.”

“Cut out the shape you traced!”

“Next we are going to attach the elastic to the two points on the visor.  I cut two little scraps of foam to secure the elastic.”

“Put a dab of glue close to one point.  Lay one end of the elastic in the glue.  Place the scrap of foam on top.  Hold for a couple seconds and repeat with the other point on the visor.”

“Now which band do you want to add?  The foam one or the sparkly one?”

“Hey I love bling too!  Great choice!”

“You’ve got it!  Whether you choose the bling or the foam it’s the same.  Just add a little strip of glue on the edge of the visor and place it in the glue.  Continue from point to point on your visor “

“Add a few embellishments and there you have it!  Wow I love how everyones turned out!”

It is a busy day at the craft table!  Another group is coming through and Kit joins Saige to help all the campers get their visors made!

“This is going to be a fun summer Saige!”

“I am so excited Kit!  We are already getting off to a great start!”

Just in case you are interested here are a few more details from today’s post:

  • Dolls– Saige is AG GOTY, Kit is AG Historical Character
  • Outfits– Doll Diaries T-shirt is from Char. Plaid skirt is designed and sewn for dolls by Anna.  Purple shoes are from Springfield Collection.  Purple Ruffle shirt is designed and sewn for dolls by Anna.  Pants are from Walmart’s,  My Life As.  Gold Sandals are from Springfield Collection.
  • Scene – “Doll Craft” sign tutorial is here.  The rest of the scene is thrifted and crafted by Anna.

I hope you and your campers enjoy your first week of camp!