Anna here!  This bright and shiny watering can is a surprisingly quick and easy craft.  It is made from things you have around the house and my favorite part is painting it a fun color!  I finally picked turquoise because Saige was the one doing the gardening today and she likes turquoise!

Saige put fresh dirt in her pots and planted some seeds.  She picked some flowers that do well in the fall.  It’s her first time planting in the fall, so we’ll see how they do!

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need to make this bright and shiny watering can!


  • paper tube (from a paper towel roll or a toilet paper roll)
  • cardboard
  • paint brush
  • craft paint
  • pencil
  • paper straw (or a sheet of paper)
  • glossy clear coat (optional)
  • glue (not pictured)

To get started, cut the paper roll 2″ long.  Cut a strip of cardboard 3/16″x 3 1/4″.  On the side of the roll, glue the cardboard strip as shown below, making a looped handle.

Cut the paper straw 2 3/16″ long.  The bottom cut should have a very steep angle.  The top cut should have a more moderate angle.

If you don’t have a paper straw, roll a piece of paper until it makes a tube about 1/4″ in diameter.  Glue the edge of the paper roll so it won’t unravel.  Cut it the same as you would the paper straw.

Out of cardboard cut a circle about 7/8″ in diameter.  Cut a slit to the middle.

Cross and glue the 2 edges of the slit so they overlap and make a sort of wide cone shape.

Glue the steep angled end of the paper straw on the side of the cardboard roll, opposite the handle.  Glue the wide cone shape into the top of the straw.

Place the spout (the wide cone shape) on the cardboard and trace it.  Cut out the circle and glue it on the end of the spout.


Trace around the opening of the cardboard tube.  Cutting the circle in half, draw a swooping line across the circle. Add a 1/16″ on each side of the cardboard and then cut it out.

Glue the cardboard on the top front of the can.

Once the glue is all set up, paint the watering can in several coats of craft paint.  Be sure to let it dry between coats of paint.    If you would like to give it extra shine, paint it with a clear finish.

When the paint dries you can add little indentions on the end of the spout.  Make the indentions with a dull pencil. (See the second photo to check out the water spout indentions!)


I’m loving our little turquoise watering can!

I’m loving that it was a quick make!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post!

  • Doll-Saige AG DOTY 2013
  • Outfit– Overalls are from Kit’s collection and the shirt is made by Anna
  • Scene-Thrifted and made by Anna

Craft a little and play a lot!