Anna here!  Today Mr. Turkey is a colorful addition to our Thanksgiving decorations!

When I lived in California a number of years ago we had wild turkeys that roamed our neighborhood.  Whether they were perched on the roof  or crossing through the yard I NEVER saw a plump, colorful variety.  Nope.  Never.  Today I’ve taken the creative liberty to dress up this turkey in fun fallish colors!


This idea comes from a turkey pumpkin decoration I had for years.  I made it at a craft day with friends out of wood, nails and paint.  The mini version I’m adapting, is made with felt and toothpicks.   After you make the head and feathers, simply stick the toothpick tips into a mini pumpkin.  I’m using a real pumpkin that’s sold in the produce department at grocery stores but a “fake” pumpkin would work great as well!


Let’s get started!


  • mini pumpkin
  • felt in 5 colors (you can also use craft foam or paper)
  • toothpicks
  • scissors
  • glue

I’m making this little turkey out of felt but you could also make the pieces out of craft foam or paper!

Cut a simple feather shape out of a piece of felt.


Use that first feather as a pattern to make all of the feathers the same size and shape.  Cut out two feathers in five different colors.


Cut the tips off of 5 toothpicks for the feathers.  Cut one toothpick in half for the turkey head.


Glue a toothpick in the center of a feather.  Leave just the tip hanging over the bottom edge.  Glue a second feather on top.

Make the other four feathers the same way.

Cut two identical shapes for the head.  For the face, cut eyes, a beak and a wattle.

Sandwich the half toothpick between the two head pieces.  Leave the toothpick point poking out the bottom of the head, just like on the feathers.  Glue the face pieces to one side of the head.


It’s time to dress this pumpkin into a turkey!  If the pumpkin is really hard, the tips of the toothpicks may break off as you poke them into the pumpkin.  Use a plain toothpick to poke the holes and then place the tips of the toothpicks, that are sticking out of the head and feathers, into the holes.


Get creative and make this mini, colorful, plump turkey for your doll decorations!

Save the felt head and feathers to decorate a real mini pumpkin every year!  If you have a “fake” pumpkin you could make the head and feathers more permanent and glue them in place!  Either way you’ll have a fun decoration for Thanksgiving!

Just in case you are interested here is a little more about today’s post

  • Doll– Saige AG GOTY 2013
  • Outfit– Dress information is here.  The scarf is from Julie’s Cap and Scarf set by AG  . Headband information is here.
  • Scene-Chandelier is a holiday ornament I bought a few years ago.

Hope you enjoy making your own colorful turkey!