Since we are having a doll craft – specifically a doll food marathon – here at Doll Diaries this weekend, let’s make a taco dinner for the dolls next!

doll craft - tacos

To make the tacos  and the chips you will need:

  • Tan or light brown fun foam or felt
  • Dark Brown fun foam or felt
  • Red fun foam or felt
  • Green fun foam or felt
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Wax paper (for the chips)
  • A pencil
  • Something heavy to put on top of the taco’s while they dry, like a book or a rock
  • A small round cup to trace for the taco shell (I used a Jell-o pudding cup)

First I traced the jell-o cup on the tan fun foam with my pencil then three times. I then cut them out. I repeated on the dark brown (I used felt) but trimmed the circle just a little smaller than the taco. I cut a squiggly line of green and red to create the lettuce and the tomato. I also really like avocado so I cut a light green slice of fun foam for avocado which is optional!

felt foam doll craft tacos

Then I glued the dark brown circle to the tan one and glued the tomato and lettuce to the brown circle. Then I added more glue and folded the circle in half to create the taco and placed it under something heavy (I used a book) for 24 hours. I also repeated on the other two – so I made three tacos.

To make the chips and salsa I used the left over bits of fun foam and felt from cutting out the tacos and I made little triangles out of tan and then cut really tiny pieces of the other colors to create the salsa. I glued the little triangles onto the wax paper in a pile and topped with the little tiny pieces of the other colors, I added more glue and let it dry as well for 24 hours.

When it was dry I peeled the wax paper carefully from the back and it was ready to plate.

Stop back in later today and throughout the weekend for more easy doll dinner crafts from materials you probably have on hand! By Karen of Karen Mom of Three