Doll Craft Make a Sleeping Bag for Mini Dolls

How to make a sleeping bag for American Girl Mini Dolls

I love the mini dolls and I have three. I think they have great play potential and love how easy it is to make mini doll items. Today I am showing you how to make your own mini doll sleeping bag and pillow.

To make today’s craft you will need:

  • sewing machine*
  • 2 pieces of felt in any color cut to 8 inches by 5 inches
  • 1 piece of material cut to 8 inches by 5 inches, any color (though smaller print fabric looks best)
  • thread
  • scissors
  • 1 piece of felt cut to 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches (for pillow)
  • 1 piece of material cut to 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches (for pillow)
  • two cotton balls or some stuffing for your pillow
  • straight pins
  • your mini doll (this pattern is for 6″ mini American Girl dolls but can be adjusted to work for other similar sized dolls)

*If you do not have a sewing machine, you can omit the fabric and use two pieces of felt and glue long the lines shown to sew. The same applies for the pillow, but you will need to cut a second piece of felt.

doll sized sleeping bag

Step 1- Cut out your fabric pieces if you have not already done so. Place the pattern piece of fabric on top of a piece of felt. The front of the pattern piece should be facing down. This will be the top of your sleeping bag.

sew a doll sleeping bag

Step 2- Sew along three sides of your fabric as shown in the photo above. Make sure to leave one of the shorter sides open as you will need to turn it inside out when you have sewn all three sides.

sew a doll sleeping bag

Step 3- Turn it inside out so that the fabric front is showing.

sew a doll sleeping bag

Step 4- place your now sewn front on top of the remaining piece of felt, and pin it as shown. The fabric side should be “sandwiched” between the felt.

Step 5- Sew along the edges as shown in the photo above, notice that you do not sew as far up on one side, this will be so you can fold down one edge of your sleeping bag in the next step.

sew a doll sleeping bag

Step 6- Turn your now complete sleeping bag inside out and slide your doll inside. Fold down the edge as shown to give your doll some “Breathing Room”

Now let’s make the Pillow

sew a doll sleeping bag

Step 1- Cut out your pillow pieces.

Step 2- Place your pattern side fabric facing the felt and sew around three edges just like you did the sleeping bag.

Step 3- Turn it inside out and add the stuffing.

sew a doll sleeping bag

Step 4- Fold the “raw” or open edges inside your pillow and use two sewing pins as show.

Step 5- Sew along this edge as shown. Trim the thread. Your Pillow is now complete and ready for your Mini Doll to enjoy.

sew a doll sleeping bag

A good friend of mine on Etsy, Denise of who creates some of the best patterns for mini dolls I have ever seen created a simple skirt and vest pattern for me to share with my readers.

mini doll vest and skirt

I had so much fun making Mini clothes for my doll and I hope you will too. I look forward to sharing more with you next week,


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  1. Megan aka Megz says:

    how cute!!!! and firstie!!!

  2. Hayley says:

    Love this idea

  3. Jen says:

    YAY! Finally something cool to make for the little dolls~ I love it!

  4. I am so happy you like it! let me know how it turns out for you!

  5. Sarah says:

    How cool!

  6. Hayley says:

    Karen – since I don’t know how to sew I weaved one instead :)

  7. emma says:

    Love it! I have the Rebecca, Cecile, Marie Grace, and special edition Julie. They are good kids for Barbies, and fit in my dollhouse. Glad to have something new to do with my minis!!

  8. caroline says:

    i can’t sew :( , sometimes i wish i could have every single power inthe world including sewing!

  9. Caroline, I only had a few lessons in high school, then in 2010 when I was much much older I started sewing again. I watched You tube videos to figure out how, and practiced! Now I love doing it!
    Good for you Hayley for improvising!

  10. Hayley says:

    Thanks Karen :) and I’m gonna learn to sew so then I can make Kirsten and the rest of my dolls clothing :D

  11. Wonderful idea Hayley! Good luck!

  12. Taylor says:

    hey can u show us how to make a gynastics bar for ag dolls without using a saw cause we dont have a saw or anything to make a wood one and we cant afford the one at ag right now PLEASE HELP

  13. Char says:

    Taylor – thank you for the suggestion. We will see what we can come up with.

  14. Taylor says:

    Char- thank you and without using pvc cause i think u have to cut it with a saw