Make an art easel for dolls

I have been inspired by all of American Girl’s Doll of the Year Saige’s Collection and I just love the art easel set. So I thought I would show you how I made one for my dolls, using items I had at home and some art sets I picked up at my local Party City store for under 40 cents!

To make your own you will need:

  • 14 inches of corrugated cardboard 6 inches wide, I used a lid flap from a box.
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A pair of scissors
  • tape
  • a picture from a magazine, old calendar, something you have drawn or painted
  • * a party favor paint set like mine or print your own palette from Doll Diaries Doll Play day 45


Step 1 – remove the lid flap from the box. You may wish to ask an adult to help you cut it.

Step 2 – use your ruler to measure 12 inches, make a line across the top , then cut along your line.

Step 3 – your box lid flap should measure 6 inches wide but if it doesn’t you are going to want to measure the “legs” of your easel so they will be even, I have made a mark at 2 inches and four inches.

Step 4 –  Use your ruler to measure from the bottom to 6 ½ inches as shown in the photo above. Make a line straight across this is the line you will cut up too. Once you have made your line, go back to the marks you made at 2 and 4 inches and mark a straight line up to the 6 ½ inch line you made. Once both lines are drawn cut up to the line as shown above, fold the middle leg back slightly.

Step 5 – to make the shelf use the left over cardboard and measure in 2 inches wide, your left over cardboard should already be 6 inches long, if not cut a piece that is 6 inches long by 2 inches wide.

Step 6 – Fold your cardboard in half as shown above.

Step 7 – Tape your shelf along the 6 ½ inch line, be sure to tape under and on top.

Step 8 – Use your eraser to remove your pencil marks.

Make an art easel for dolls from cardboard

Step 9 – stand your art easel up and enjoy!

Step 10 – cut out a photo from a magazine, old catalog or calendar or  draw/paint one for your easel, lean it on the easel and if you have a small party favor paint set, use a clear elastic to have your doll “hold” the brush and palette.

I hope you enjoyed today’s doll play craft and I cannot wait to see the ones you make!

Today I used my American Girl Doll Chrissa wearing American Girl Doll Jeans, Harmony Club Doll Shoes, and a t-shirt I made.