With Valentines coming up in a few weeks I’ve been thinking about doll sized decorations. So today’s craft is a little, versatile, ruffly, full of love, pillow. It would be cute on a doll bed or a doll chair.

Ruffle Heart Pillow for dolls tutorial

It would bring a little Valentines flare to any spot your doll calls home.

Ruffle Heart Pillow for dolls tutorial

Of course, if you love ruffles and hearts you could enjoy it all year made in your favorite color combination!

Ruffle Heart Pillow for dolls tutorial

To get started here is a list of the supplies I used in this project.

  • paper
  • scissors
  • thread
  • felt, I used purple, dark pink, and red
  • needle
  • batting

Ruffle Heart Pillow for dolls tutorial

1. Cutting out the Pieces
Take your piece of paper and draw a heart. Mine was about 4“ tall and 5“ wide. You can trace something like a cookie cutter or any other heart shaped item you might have at your house. Cut out the heart. This is your pattern for the pillow.

Fold the piece of felt in half and pin the heart pattern on top. Cut out around the pattern and you have two hearts, one for the pillow front and one for the pillow back.

Now let’s cut the strips for the ruffles. Ruffles are forgiving and they don’t have to be cut perfectly straight. If you are having trouble getting them relatively straight you can check out the Southwestern Belt Tutorial, where we made a long strip pattern, to get an exact cut.  If you want to try your hand at eyeballing it,my favorite way to craft :-), we are cutting a strip along the long end of the felt about 3/4“ wide. I cut one in red, and dark pink and purple.

2. Stitching the Ruffles

All the sewing in this craft is basic, basic, basic! Two things are involved, tying a knot and the running stitch, the most basic stitch, you didn’t even know it had a name!

I am sewing with white thread on these stitching examples so you can see my stitches! For the pillow I made and photographed, I used red thread.

Let’s stitch! Thread your needle. Pull the thread though so that both ends of the thread are the same length. Tie the two ends in a knot. This knot will easily pull through when you make your first stitch, so we are going to secure it and keep it put! Make one stitch on a ruffle strip. Instead of continuing on, come back up next the the start of your first stitch. Going back over your first stitch a second time will keep that thread in place! Use this sort of back stitch, to start out and finish your stitching.

Now continue stitching, passing the needle up and down all the way across the ruffle strip. By the way, that little bit of stitching as pictured below is the running stitch. Yep, it’s easy!

When you get to the other end of the felt strip you are ready to make a ruffle! With two fingers on the end of the felt, push the felt back down the thread. It will bunch all up on the thread. It’s a ruffle! Well, sort of a ruffle!

Spread the bunched up fabric across the top of one heart. Pin each end of the ruffle so that it fits all the way across the heart. Pull the string on the ruffle to draw the ruffle back up if it became to loose. Pin it to make secure.

Now attach the ruffle with the running stitch. Remember to start and finish the row with the little back stitch. I used the same thread still attached to my ruffle. If you need new thread just remember one back stitch and a knot to start out and to stop.

Repeat for the second and third ruffle.

3. Stitching the Pillow
Now that the ruffles are attached let’s put the pillow together!

Place the two hearts together. With a needle and thread (prepared the same as step 2), start the stitch between the layers and under the ruffle. The knot and end of the thread will be hidden, sandwiched between the layers this way.

Now you are a pro, so use your skills from step 2 to stitch around the heart. Leave an opening to add the batting.

Add batting and stitch the opening closed. Don’t forget to end with the back stitch and knot. Cut your thread and go try it out somewhere. Like a doll chair, or bed, or couch, or bench.

Enjoy the layers of ruffles you sewed!

Now that you know how easy a ruffle is to make, dream of what else you will be adding ruffles to!

Add a little love with a ruffle heart pillow this Valentines or all year long!

A few more details-

As always, use what you have, try something new and most of all have fun creating!