If you live by the mountains, February can be one of the best months to hit the slopes!  I was raised in the Bay Area of California where it can rain and rain in February.  Head northeast 2-3 hours, up to the Sierras, and everything is buried in a winter wonderland.  A day full of skiing, snowboarding or sledding is just the weekend outing for winter doldrums.  Bring the winter wonderland indoors and cure your winter doldrums with this easy to make set of doll skis!

How to make doll skis

Your doll will have what she needs to hit the slopes with a little duct tape, cardboard and a couple of bamboo skewers!

How to make doll skis

Use a fun printed duck tape or customize your skis with a little sharpie magic!

To get started you’ll need to gather a few supplies.

How to make doll skis

Here is everything you’ll need:

  • bamboo skewers
  • needle
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • paint brush
  • sharpie
  • Sparkle Elastic Cord (I bet any kind of thin elastic, 1/4” or smaller, would work)
  • cardboard (think cereal boxes!)
  • duck tape
  • scotch tape
  • craft paint
  • towel
  • glue stick (not shown)
  • hot glue gun (not shown)

The Skis

1. Draw and cut out half of a ski.  It is basically a long skinny rectangle rounded at one end.  It is 1 1/2” wide (the width of a doll shoe) and 9” long.  After you have it cut out, trace the shape onto the cardboard 7 more times.

2. Cut out the remaining ski halves.  Tape them together in pairs.  They will overlap some.  The finished length should be 15”.

3. When you are finished you will have 4 skis.

4. We are going to double up our skis so they are sturdier.  Line each ski with duck tape.  You want a little duck tape to hang over each side.  Each ski I made fit on a single strip of tape.  It was close though, so if you need to, use 2 strips of tape on each ski.  Spread a little glue stick on the backs of 2 of the skis.  Stick the 2 skis together back to back.  Press the tape well around the edges.

5. Trim off the extra tape.  Repeat step 4 and 5 with the next 2 skis.

6. Cut the Sparkle Elastic Cord into 4 segments 4” long.  The 2 pieces of elastic cord are going to go across the middle of each ski.

7. The ends of the elastic that hang over are going to wrap around to the back of the ski.  When the elastic is in place, hot glue one side of the elastic to the back (not pictured).  Let it cool and then hot glue the other side of the elastic to the back.  Secure it with duck tape across the back of the ski.   Attach and secure both elastics the same way on each ski.

8. The 2 elastics should be attached with different tension.  The elastic that passes over the front of the shoe should be a little tighter.  The elastic that goes around the back of the shoe has farther to stretch and can be slightly more loose.  Try it with a doll shoe to get the right fit.  No worries if you need to cut the elastic and try again!

To finish off these skis add your own swoops and swirls and designs with a sharpie to get a one of a kind look!  Gently bend up each end of the ski to make it look like the real thing!

The Ski Poles

Paint the skewers black and set them aside to dry (not pictured).

9. Out of cardboard, cut 2 circles, each 1” wide, and 2 rectangles 1/4” by 3 3/4”.

10. With a cardboard circle placed on a towel, use a needle to poke through the center of each circle.

11. Then poke the pointed end of the skewer through the hole.

12. Cover each side of both circles with duck tape.

13. Re-pierce each center on a towel with a needle.

14. Thread the finished circle onto the skewer about 1 1/4” from the end.

15. To get started on the hand grips, mark the roll of the duck tape at about 1 1/4” wide.

16. With scissors make a small cut at the mark.

17. Pull up one side of the tape 4” where you made the cut.  Cut the tape and now you will have a strip of tape that is 1 1/4” by 4”.

18. Start wrapping the tape around the blunt end of the skewer.

19. Stop with 1” of tape left.

20. Cover both sides of the 2 little rectangle cardboard strips with duck tape.  Trim off any extra tape.

21. Place 1/2” of the rectangle strip onto the skewer.  Wrap the extra duck tape around the handle once, securing the rectangle strip.  You should still have extra duck tape hanging.

22. Loop the strip down forming a hand strap for the ski pole.  About 1” of the rectangle strip will lay back up against the skewer.  Pass the extra duck tape through the strap hole, fully securing the rectangle strip.  Phew, we made it!  Sit back and enjoy these little, doll sized, oh-so-realistic looking, ski poles!

Don’t wait too long to try them on!

Now your doll has all the equipment she needs to hit the slopes!

Just lay down some fluffy batting and you will have a fresh layer of snow fit for any snowy paradise!

Morgan is enjoying the crisp air and breathtaking vistas from up on top of the mountain!  She is excited to ski another run down the mountain and meet her friends at the ski lift.

I hope there is hot cocoa at the end of the day to warm everyone up!

And just in case you are interested, here are a few more details from today’s post:

  • Doll: Morgan, My AG #25
  • Outfit: AG Soft-as-Snow Outfit, belt
  • Hairstyle: side pony tail
  • Scene: The snow is quilt batting.  The trees are repurposed mini christmas trees. The fence was designed and made by Mr. Doll-It-Up. 🙂

Have a great week and follow this pattern to never let life’s doldrums creep in!  It is create, play, share, create, play, share !