no sew doll house coat

With the days growing shorter and the weather getting cooler I thought it would be fun to make a cozy no sew house coat for your doll from a dollar store baby blanket.

no sew doll house coat

To make a No Sew House Coat for your doll you will need:

  • 1 baby blanket from the dollar store baby section

  • Scissors

  • Your doll

Step 1– Open your blanket and fold it in half as shown (folded edge by your doll’s head). Lay your doll on the blanket so her shoulders are at the top of the blanket and her feet hang over the edge. Open her arms wide like she is giving you a hug, stretch so that her fingers touch one end of the blanket edge . Then with adult supervision cut the blanket straight up. Use your dolls hand as a guide for when you cut, make sure your cut is on the outside of your dolls hand.

Step 2– Cut a straight slit 2 inches below your dolls arm pit on both sides as shown in the first photo above.

Step 3– Cut 1 inch slits all the way down to her feet, just like the 2nd photo above.

Step 4– Start tying the slits you created together from the bottom just like I did in the 3rd photo above.

Step 5– Repeat on the other side.

Step 6– Once you have tied up the sides, it is time to do the arms. Cut 5 or 6 slits along the arm line as shown above and tie them like you did the sides.

Step 7– Repeat on the other side.

When you finish step 7 your house coat will look like the photo above.

Step 8– Using your scissors, carefully cut the top layer of fabric in the center from bottom to top. Then fold back the edges you just cut and put the house coat on your doll, use the ribbon from the blanket as your House Coat Belt.

doll house coat

Today’s model is American Girl Samantha and she is wearing an outfit from

I look forward to sharing another craft with you next week!