Doll Craft No Mess Rustic Broom

Today I wanted to share with you an easy way to make your own rustic brooms for your dolls. I used items I had on hand and these no mess doll brooms are very easy to make.

You can also use todays craft as a Halloween Decoration or as a Dolly Broom for your Dolls house or Horse Stable.

To make your own Rustic Broom you will need:

  • A 12 inch stick from outside (please find one already on the ground, do not break a tree branch for this craft please!) or a chopstick will work as well.
  • 2 twist ties
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A paper lunch bag
  • A Glue Stick
  • A marker or pencil
  • Tape (I used painters tape)

Doll Craft No Mess Rustic Broom

Step 1– Assemble everything you are going to need to make todays craft listed above.

Step 2– Use your ruler to measure 4 inches from the top of your bag. Make a dot with your marker on each side and line with your marker or pencil.

Step 3– Cut out along the line you created and repeat set 2 on the rest of the bag.

Doll Craft No Mess Rustic Broom

Step 4– Cut open the side edge of the two pieces you have cut from the bag.

Step 5– Run a line of glue from your glue stick along the edge of one of the cut pieces.

Step 6– Lay the other piece on top and press down along the glue line.

Step 7– At one of the short ends of your paper; use a strip of tape to attach the bag to your stick as shown in the bottom right photo above.

Doll Craft No Mess Rustic Broom

Step 8– Use your scissors to cut snips in your paper bag along the bottom edge. I cut mine at different lengths from 1 inch to two inches as I went. This makes a fluffier broom.

Step 9– At the tape end of your stick begin to roll your bag up on the stick, pinching the bag at the top of the tape as shown. When you get to the end, run a line of the glue  from the snip to the top edge and press down into place.

Doll Craft No Mess Rustic Broom

Step 10– Pinch the paper around the stick as shown in the photo bottom left.

Step 11– Using one of your twist ties tightly wind it around the bottom of the stick and twist into place.

Step 12– About ½ inch up add the second twist tie and twist in to place.

Step 13– Fluff out the fringe end of the broom by bending back the paper slightly. Your broom is ready for play.

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft. Today I used my American Girl Doll Ivy, wearing a skirt and boots from My Dolls life  as well as a white t-shirt I decorated with a fun foam sticker from the dollar store. At the end of the holidays I can remove the sticker and have the shirt back to white. I look forward to sharing more fun craft ideas with you next week!