Doll Craft: Make A Doll Size Lemonade Stand

You asked for it, so here it is. I got a request a few weeks ago from one of you wonderful readers who wanted to see some crafts that would work with the theme of this years Doll of the Year, Kanani.  I had so much fun making this fun and easy lemonade stand out of recycled cardboard with a recycled surf board. With some easy to find supplies from the party store or dollar store you can definitely make this for your doll.

How to Make a Lemonade Stand for Dolls

To start you will need some cardboard that you can use to create the stand and the surf board.  You will also need some supplies from the craft, dollar store or party store  to decorate your lemonade stand.

Supplies for lemonade stand

I picked these up for 50 cents each and the Lei’s were also 50 cents each. One Lei makes two doll sized Lei’s simply cut in half remove the straw between the flowers so you can tie the ends together simple easy and fun.

I also made a pattern for the surf board you can draw yours freehand but I am showing you how I did mine.

Make a surfboard for your dolls

Next using a pencil make your design, then use your creativity to color it in and outline in black marker.

doll sized lemonade stand and surf board

To make the stand you need a large piece of cardboard that you can fold into three or you can buy a ready made project board and use that.

I measured a window and cut it with an craft knife (please make sure you have an adult do the cutting part!!) on only three sides so I could fold down the inside to make a ledge. If you do not want/need a ledge you can just cut out the window on four sides if it is easier.

how to make a lemonade stand like Kanani's shave ice stand

Once it is cut out then you can decorate it by taping the store bought garland to the cardboard front or you can just draw and color your own designs.

lemonade or shave ice stand for dolls craft

I hope you get a chance to try making this fun and easy lemonade stand for your dolls!

I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week. ~ By Karen of Karen Mom of Three

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  1. FIRSTIE!! Wow this is a great idea! I have the Chrissa party treats with lemonade, so this is an excellent idea for using that!!

  2. Ann N. Muss says:

    It’s funny, my Samantha doll is wearing the exact same thing as in the photo! What a co-winky-dink!

  3. Secondie! this is awesome

  4. Thats really cute!!

  5. Issabella says:

    Fourthie!!!This is so cool!I made lei’s for my dolls the other day using that lei craft on your website!

  6. Is it easy?

  7. cute cute cute cute!!!!!!!

  8. I made my own life sized Akina’s shave ice stand out of cardboard earlier this spring. It was a fun project!

  9. Make sure to put Packing or regular tape on the sides to prevent SilverFish from Getting in =)

  10. Hi Girls! Thank you so much for your comments! It is very easy to make and Issabella, thank you for letting me know you made one from my blog! It makes me happy to know others make items I show them! Kat has a good point if silver fish are a problem where you live.

  11. wow cool!good idea i have chrissa’s party stuff and bitty baby lemonade stuff! i need to one


  12. Thats so cool.I need to get some of that stuff so me and my friend can make it :)

  13. Awesome!!!! So CUTE!!!!! I might just have to try this. If I can find the time with school starting and every thing. lol

  14. Mara hows pointe work I start tomorrow

  15. So cool! I am currently yelling at my cat Gus to stop chewing on Felicity’s hand.

  16. Gretchen-HAHAHAHA POOR Felicity!!!!!!

  17. Cool! I will have to try this out!

  18. Copeland says:

    So Cool!!!

  19. Wow it lookss cool then you can decorate it

  20. is the doll in the background in the first pic a springfield doll?

  21. sparkles9009 says:


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