Make a doll sized harvest sale stand

This is the time of year my family and I head out to the pumpkin patch. For us the thrill of going and picking our own pumpkins from a huge field has become tradition for us. I thought it would be fun to show you how you can make your own Pumpkin Patch Play Set Harvest Sale Stand for your own dolls and you can have fun year round with this handmade stand. Fill it with pumpkins, handmade apples, dolly produce and more.

To make your own Harvest Sale Stand you will need:

  • 2 pop tart boxes or tea boxes
  • craft sticks; I used mini craft sticks and wooden craft/coffee stir sticks from the dollar store
  • glue gun with glue sticks or glue (My low temp glue gun works so much faster then waiting on craft glue to dry. You can use craft glue with success but the craft will need time to dry between each step)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • tape (I used clear and painters tape)
  • sponge 
  • paint brush
  • chalk board or black paint (I got mine at the dollar store)
  • orange paint
  • fun foam pumpkin sticker
  • 5 fall themed mini flowers 
  • Peat Moss or shredded paper
  • a package of doll sized pumpkins or gourds. (I got mine at Michael’s the craft store but you can also find them at your local dollar stores.)
  • a pair of wooden chopsticks
  • a piece of scrap cardboard cut to 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches

Make a doll sized harvest sale stand

Step 1– Assemble all the supplies you will need.

Step 2– Take one of your pop tart boxes and your ruler and cut the box from top to bottom to the size of your mini craft sticks, your box should be two inches high all the way around.

Step 3– Tape the open end of your box closed and plug your glue gun in to heat up.

Step 4– Run a line of glue on your box and press the craft sticks side by side into the glue all the way around your box on four sides. Set aside.

Make a doll sized harvest sale stand

Step 5– Tape the lid down on the other pop tart box and begin covering the box sides with the craft/coffee sticks. This will be the bottom box. My craft sticks were a bit too long so I trimmed them easily with my craft scissors. Each side of my box took 14 sticks. I removed 1 ½ inches of the coffee stir sticks. *Be sure to glue them to your box with the cut ends facing the bottom of the box. Repeat on all four sides.

Make a doll sized harvest sale stand

Step 6– Once your bottom box is dry, add more glue to the top of the box and place your other box on top of the glue and gently press down. 

Step 7- To create the for sale sign, you will need to cover a piece of cardboard in black paint or chalk board paint. First measure and cut your cardboard to 5 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches. 

Step 8– Paint your cardboard. I use a sponge from the dollar store so that I get a nice even coat of paint. Let it dry.

Step 9– Once it is dry, use a pencil to write out what you would like the sign to say. 

Step 10– Paint in orange over the letters you wrote. * Dip your paint brush in paint often when tracing your letters. Let dry.

Step 11– Use a fun foam pumpkin sticker to decorate your sign. 

Make a doll sized harvest sale stand

Step 12- Remove the little “green crown” from the back of your fall flowers and trim the little green stem.

Step 13– Add a dab of glue and push your flower into the glue on the sign. I used two at the top corners. 

Step 14– Separate your chopsticks and use tape on the back of your sign to tape your stick into place. Repeat on the other stick. You can glue it into place but if you would like to change the sign in your play set year round tape is a better option.

Step 15– Use more tape or glue to attach the bottom of the chopsticks on the inside of your stand as shown in the bottom right photo above.

Make a doll sized harvest sale stand

Step 16– Add peat moss or shredded paper in the box bottom to hide your chopsticks and provide some cushions for your mini pumpkins. Add your pumpkins to your box and you are ready to play! I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I really enjoyed creating it I look forward to sharing more fall play set ideas with you soon.

Today I used my American Girl Doll Ruthie, My Harmony club boy doll as well as some of my American Girl Doll Dogs, Chocolate Chip and Coconut, as well as my horse I got from Sears Canada. The backdrop is the American Doll Room Red Barn.