As we enter March, St.Patrick’s Day is around the corner and I thought it would be fun to make a doll sized potted shamrock plant.

Springfield Doll Olivia

To create this weeks craft you will need:

  • A small flower pot (I got mine at Michael’s the craft store for 99 cents)
  • Left over green party streamers
  • A small styrofoam ball
  • 12 sewing pins
  • St. Patrick’s day garland ( I got mine at the dollar store)


Step 1 – Take 10 inches of the green streamer and bunch it into a ball filling your pot half way.

shamrock craft for dolls

Step 2 – Remove 12 green shamrocks from your garland and place a sewing pin through the center of each one. Set aside as shown above.

shamrock craft for dolls

Step 3 – Place your styrofoam ball in the pot and then take 10 more inches of streamer, scrunch it into a ball and place it in the pot as shown above.

shamrock craft for dolls

Step 4 – Pick up your shamrock pins and stick them in the pot, repeat until you have used up all 12 of your shamrocks or when the pot is as full as you would like

Springfield Doll Olivia

Step 5 – Place on your dolls table as a center piece for her to enjoy not just for St. Patrick’s Day but all year round.

For today’s post I used my Springfield Doll Olivia and she is wearing a shirt I made. The table cloth used in the photos is one dessert-sized paper napkin from my local dollar store. Olivia is also wearing a child sized Shamrock Necklace from my dollar store that I doubled and placed on her neck. The necklace also makes a great doll sized hair band as Chrissa shows off below.

shamrock headband

Stop by next Friday for another fun craft!