Hanukkah this year is from Sunset December 8 to Sunset on December 16. Hanukkah is a celebration of light that is celebrated by people of the Jewish faith all around the world.

American Girl Rebecca Hanukkah is a celebration that commemorates a battle between the Syrian-Greeks who battled a small army, led by a man named Judah Maccabee. This battle occurred more then 2000 years ago. When the Syrian-Greeks took over the city of Jerusalem and outlawed the Jewish faith, they destroyed the Temple. When Judah Maccabee and his small army fought off the Syrian-Greeks they reclaimed the Temple and wanted to re-dedicate the Temple to God .The word Hanukkah is a Hebrew word meaning “dedication”. In order for the Jewish people to re-dedicate the Temple they needed to re-light the Temple’s holy light, known as a Menorah. The holy light was supposed to burn oil all night, however when the Temple was destroyed there was very little oil left. The lamp had only enough oil to burn for one night. However a miracle occurred and that oil lasted 8 days and 8 nights until more oil could be found or produced.

To celebrate this holiday Jewish people around the world remember this miracle by lighting a Menorah. They start by lighting the Shammash (which is the larger candle in the center of the Menorah) and using it to light the candles one by one each night over the 8 days. While the candles are being lit the family members sing a blessing.

American Girl Menorahs

If you are familiar with the American Girl doll Rebecca and her accessories from American Girl Doll you know that the American Girl company produces and sells two different styles of Menorah’s.

At the request of so many of our readers, I have created a menorah you can make for your dolls from ready made wood items from your local craft store.

Supplies needed to make Doll Size Menorah:

Menorah supplies

  • One 2inch wooden candle stick
  • 2 packages of 1 inch wooden candle cups (there are 7 in each bag you will need 9)
  • 2 wooden Popsicle sticks
  • wood or craft glue (I used a glue gun if you choose to use this have a parent supervise)
  • *optional a foam paint brush and silver paint

Step 1 – Place your popsicle sticks on top of each other and slide them so that they are long enough to hold 9 of the candle cups. Make a mark

how to make a menorah

Step 2– Glue your popsicle sticks so they overlap at the marks you made from step one.

how to make a doll menorah
Step 3– glue the cups onto the Popsicle sticks. Let them dry. If using hot glue this may be a few seconds, if using wood or craft glue this may take a few hours to dry.

how to make a doll menorah
Step 4– Glue the candle holder in the center of the Popsicle sticks. (Mine is a little off center) and let it dry.

Step 5– When your Menorah is dry you can paint it or leave it be. Mine took two coats of the silver paint. When the paint is dry add your candles. I used blue ones I bought at the store in the baking aisle; you can get yours at the dollar store as well.

Chrissa Menorah

If Hanukkah is a holiday that you and your family celebrate I hope you have a truly enjoyable celebration. Also if you are looking for more Hanukkah fun, like how to make your own Dreidel game, check out my doll sized Dreidel and game instructions post.