how to make a doll sized bird house

Today my Springfield Doll Olivia shows us the doll sized bird house I made with mini craft sticks I got at my dollar store.

A new dollar store opened in my area and it has a great craft section. The mini craft sticks were only $1.25 and so was the package of mini foam birds. This craft cost under $3 to create and was so much fun to make. You can also find these supplies at Joann, Michael’s, and similar stores.

To make your own bird house you will need:

doll sized bird house

  • Step 1– Cut your toilet paper tube in half as shown in the photo above.
  • Step 2- Use your glue to coat the mini craft sticks and place them around the tube and let dry. To speed up the process I used a hot glue gun.

doll sized bird house

  • Step 3– Glue 6 craft sticks together along their edges as shown to make the roof of your bird house. Then repeat for the opposite side.
  • Step 4– Add a line of glue and hold or tape in place your roof piece on a slant towards the center of your bird house. Repeat on the other side
  • Step 5– Add a “floor to your bird house, I glued 4 crafts sticks into the bird house to create a floor. Add them one at a time with glue on the end of each stick so it will stay in place.
  • Step 6– Add another craft stick you have trimmed slightly. Glue it to the center of your floor but have it stick out about 1 inch. Press and hold in place until glue sets or tape in place. This is for your bird to sit on.

doll sized bird house

  • Step 7– Bend the bird wire into the bird, creating a “ring” shape, this helps your doll hold her birds and helps your bird to sit on the perch. The wire is easy to bend and pokes back into the Styrofoam body. You can then slip the bird onto your dolls fingers as shown or on to the perch.

I hope you will enjoy creating a birdhouse for your dolls out of mini craft sticks.