Doll Craft – Make a Doll Sized Bathtub

How to make a doll sized bath tub

You asked for it and Karen delivered! A few weeks ago there was a request for how to make a bathtub for your dolls. Karen will show you how to make one today using dollar store items.

To create your own doll bath tub you will need:

  • 1 plastic rectangle planter 44.5X20.5X14 CM (17.5X8X5 inches)*
  • tin foil
  • two lids from soda bottles
  • tape
  • a bag of cotton balls or fiber fill
  • * shower cap, ducky and bath puff

How to make a doll sized bath tub

You can find planters in a variety of designs – I found this planter at the local dollar store for $1.25.

How to make a doll sized bath tub

Step 1– cut a small amount of tin foil from your tinfoil roll

Step 2– cover your soda lids with tinfoil to create your “taps”

How to make a doll sized bath tub

Step 3 – roll up 6 inches of tinfoil and bend it into a candy cane shape to create your “faucet”

How to make a doll sized bath tub

Step 4– attach your “faucet” to your planter with tape and tape your “taps” in place as well

How to make a doll sized bath tub

Step 5– Place your doll in the tub and cover her with the cotton balls or cotton batting to create the bubbles. don’t forget to decorate her tub!

For Chrissa’s Shower cap I used a kitchen bowl cover from my dollar store and a small duck I got at the dollar store.

To make the bath puff you will need:

  • scrap tulle (2-22×3 inch strips)
  • scissors
  • yarn

How to make a doll sized bath tub

Step 1– cut two strips of tulle 22 inches by 3 inches wide

Step 2– cut 6 inches of yarn and tie a knot in the ends

How to make a doll sized bath tub

Step 3– lie one strip on top of the other strip of tulle, gather up your tulle strips, you can fold it or bunch it

How to make a doll sized bath tub

Step 4– Wrap your yarn around the tulle and loop one end of the yarn through the other and pull

How to make a doll sized bath tub

Step 5– slip over your dolls hand and let her enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s craft and that you will continue to let us know what you would like to see in our craft posts!


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  1. Princess Belle says:

    That is aborable! 😀

  2. firstie sooo cool

  3. Thirdie can’t wait to make!!!

  4. Fourthy! Yay, I want to get the real AG bathtub, but this is good before I have it!

  5. For the faucet you could also cut a drinking straw (must be bendy) and paint it silver and paint the bottle caps siver instead of foil. cute!

  6. adorables!

  7. Too cute! :)

  8. I am so happy right now!!!! We are going to american girl in NYC !!!! And we are going to meet author mary c. author of mckenna books !!!! must go packing last minute items,grabbing something to eat…..

  9. You’re so creative Karen! Great job!

  10. This is awesome. I am definitely going to let my girls have a bathtub now! I’ve used bubble wrap to simulate bubbles in smaller dolly tubs and it looks very realistic in photos.

  11. Thanks Karen! My daughter wants the tub & shower but I think they are too expensive for the play value. I’m adding this to my long list of AG crafts. :-)

  12. Wow, you’ve done it again, Karen! This is amazing!!

    You can make a dolly shower my taking a big shoebox big enough for a doll and turning it around to stand up the way you’ll want it and cutting the top off, then painting it white or putting in white paper. Next, you add aluminum foil shower head and taps. Last but not you put a piece of bubble wrap or something similar in for a shower mat OR put the bathtub you made here in the bottom so the shower head is right above it.

    Oh, and you can make shampoo bottles out of small nail polish bottles! Cool, huh? Just make sure they’re not sparkly, and that if they are empty you need to rinse them really well and take out the brush part from the lid. Hope this helps!

  13. Well done Karen!!! Very creative!

  14. Thanks ladies! I had so much fun making it! Have a great weekend!

  15. So cute Karen! My girls will love this!

  16. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Hey Karen, how did you make the socks that Chrissa wore last Halloween?

  17. Wow, my Elizabeth will love this! Elizabeth is all about the beauty 😉

  18. Omg Karen thank u sooo much for making a bath tub I’m gonna make one And my dolls can take a bath :)

  19. Afordable and adorable! awsome!

  20. maybe you could do how to make a locker, which iv done. all you need is a shoe box.

  21. Ok I’m DIYING for some ag jeans with rips that are skinny Karen do u think u could make or find a pattern ? Oh and I’m so exited!!!! My schools having a talent show and art place !! I’m doing dance and drawing something any ideas for kinda like other clothes?

  22. Pretty Irish, there is a tutorial on how to make socks on my blog scroll down on the right hand side and you will see how.
    As for making jeans Chloe try Liberty Jane Patterns.
    I hope you all have fun!

  23. Really cool!!!!

  24. Karen, thanks!!! I will definitely tell my mom :-)

  25. This is super cute! The bubbles look soo real!!!

  26. Thats awesome!

  27. Jessica H. says:

    Woo hoo! Love it! I went to the dollar store last night and guess what? My store actually had the planters! I got one of the planters similar to what you have above, and one oval shaped container that my daughter picked out and completed the project last night! I made two of them in 15 minutes.

    Oh, and on another note. I took the suggestion to look in the party favor area for doll sized stuff. They had mini tiaras that are just perfect for the dolls. I am so excited!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas! My girls have so many accessories we would never be able to have any other way!


  28. Oh Jess, this makes me so happy to hear! Child hood and doll play should be affordable! I am so happy you were able to make the craft!