Doll Craft Make a Doll Earring Organizer

Doll Earring Organizer

If your dolls have pierced ears then you will definitely like today’s craft and the good part about it is, if you have pierced ears you can make a matching one for you!  For today’s craft I dug into my craft box of supplies and found this craft mesh I bought at my dollar store. I had this craft in mind when I had my dolls ears pierced.

Doll Earring Organizer

To make your own Doll Earring Organizer you will need:

  • 1 sheet of Darice 10 mesh in clear (or you can choose colored) – you can find this in the needlecraft area of your local craft store
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • 1 12 inch piece of ribbon
  • 1 thumb tack
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Your doll’s earrings

Doll Earring Organizer

Step 1– Trace the box of your dolls earrings on to the mesh or a piece of paper. If you do not have a box cut out a rectangle that measures 3 1/2 inches by 3 inches.

Doll Earring Organizer

Step 2– Cut your rectangle out of the mesh

Doll Earring Organizer

Step 3– Fold your pipe cleaner in half

Doll Earring Organizer

Step 4 – Feed your pipe cleaner through the 6th square in  on the left side and then fold the edge up and twist it into place, repeat on the right side.

Doll Earring Organizer

Step 5 – Ddd your ribbon, (I loop mine around the pipe cleaner then tie my bow) and tie a bow. You could add two bows easily.

Doll Earring Organizer

Step 6– Poke your dolls earrings through the holes as shown in the photo below.

Doll Earring Organizer

Now your Doll Earring Holder is ready to hang. I hung mine on my cork board you can hang it up by using a push pin as I did.

Doll Earring Organizer Easy Sleepover craft

This craft would be an easy party or sleep over craft and you can easily make more then 10 out of one sheet of the plastic mesh, making great take home party favors or gifts for your doll friends.

I look forward to sharing more crafts with you next week.

My model, Jillian, is wearing a dress made from a Liberty Jane pattern made for me by Michelle Sloan.


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  1. FIRSTIE! This is so cute! So great that I know I won’t have to go too the American Girl store and buy this…I can make it on my own!!!! YAY!

  2. qtlol10 says:

    Secondie! And will this work with other jewelery? My dolls ears aren’t pierced.

  3. Same here – my doll’s ears aren’t pierced.

  4. Is this a doll play day 15?

  5. Hanna – no it is not Doll Play 15 – that will be uploaded later this morning.

  6. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I’m making a similar thing in stained glass, only it’s for me. I recently started wearing headbands to push my bangs back. One day, I think it was a Wednesday, I dressed myself in a hurry into my favorite gray shirt and jeans. I usually wear a hot pink sequined headband with that shirt, but I was in a hurry to get to school, so I wore a knitted gray headband. I’m ashamed to admit it but they’re all over the house.

    I brought this up with my stained glass teacher, and she and I decided to make a headband holder.

  7. ohhhhh i wish my dolls ears are pierced!!! btw how much money is it? i am asking because i RARELY get to go to a agp…………….:( but anyways i realy like the craft!!!!! i think its really nice!!!

  8. It is 14 dollars……

  9. You can go to the American girl place or send her to the hospital to get it done.

  10. i would go to the agpto get it done because i wouldn’t have to spend that much money……..

  11. That’s what I do

  12. bessielark says:

    I’m thinking about getting my MAG doll’s ears pierced. Is it worth the money?

  13. Lindsay says:

    Char- where did you get that adorable dress that the doll is wearing ?

  14. Lindsay – it was made for Karen’s dolls.

  15. i made this for me last year. i used that checkerd thinky and glued a bow to the top then i glued a wooden dowel to it, painted a pot, panted a strafoam ball, stuck the styrafoam ball into the pot, stuck the wooden dowel into the styrafoam ball, and for a little decor, i glued a flower sticker (it didnt have a sticky back) tto the wooden dowel! it is very neon. very cute project!

  16. That’s pretty… To bad I don’t have a doll!

  17. That is awesome I can’t wait to make this!

  18. Thanks everyone! I enjoyed making it! I hope you have a great weekend!