Time to celebrate!  Camp Doll Diaries is just around the corner!  Rebecca asked the local bakery to put an edible image of the camp logo on the cake she ordered.  What a perfect dessert to serve at the pre-camp staff meeting!

She loves the way it turned out and wants to order another one from the bakery for the campers on the first day of camp!

Craft up this cake for your dolls! 


Before we get started let’s talk a little about this cake!  There are two easy ways to put this cake together depending on what you have on hand and how durable you want to make it.  I will show you the more durable method using felt, Phoomph, and an iron-on transfer for the image.  Another option is to make the cake using card stock, thin cardboard, glue, and the image printed on paper.  Whatever option you choose this is a quick and easy project to make a cake for any doll size celebration!

Let’s get started!   

Decide what image you want for your cake.  Since I made this cake to celebrate the start of Camp Doll Diaries I am adding the logo to decorate the top of the cake.  Of course you could also go with no image and just decorate the cake with paint!

If you are using an image, print it out on an iron-on transfer or plain paper.  Follow the instructions on the package for the iron-on transfers you use.  Be sure to get help from an adult with the iron!  It is hot and can be dangerous!  

I ironed the camp logo onto white fabric.   

Now let’s stabilize the image to keep it smooth and flat for the cake surface.  For the iron-on use Phoomph.  Phoomph is a fabric bonding sheet with adhesive on both sides.  It keeps the edges from fraying and seriously opens up a whole new way of crafting with fabric!  

If you are using a paper image, glue it to a piece of thin cardboard to stabilize it.  

For the cake we are using a small box.  I found these candy boxes are a great size and are easily adjustable to make the cake the right length.  Place the image you are using on the box to help you decide the cake size.  This cake will have an even border around the image.  Mark where you want the edge of the cake with a pencil.

Draw a line that will be the edge of the cake.  Measure the side of the box.  Using that measurement draw a second line out from the first line.  Mark and continue the two lines all the way around the box.  

Cut off the extra box along the outside line.  

Cut along all four corners of the box to the inside line.  Fold each side using the inside line as a guide.  Fold in all four flaps and glue in place.  Now our box is adjusted to just the right size!  

Cut pieces of felt and Phoomph for the top and sides of the box.  Leave the side pieces long so they can wrap around the corners of the box.  Peel off the paper backing on one side of the Phoomph and attach the felt to it.  

If you are making yours out of paper, cut card stock to cover the top and sides.      

Peel the paper backing off the other side of the Phoomph and attach it to the box.

We need a tray to hold our cake!  Cut a piece of thin cardboard larger than the base of the cake.  Cover the cardboard with card stock.  

I have to mention that I have been trying out Aleene’s Tacky Glues lately.  They have different formulas for different applications.  I tried the Quick Dry Tacky Glue for glueing the base together.  It worked great with the cardboard and paper and set up quickly so I was able to move on with the project.     

Glue the cake to the tray.  

Again a little more about the adhesive I used, this time Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue.  It is fast drying and a strong formula for a great hold with the cake and tray.  I really like the thicker formula of these glues.  I didn’t have a problem with the project shifting or slipping around.

Finish up the cake with a touch of decoration frosting!  I used Beads in a Bottle paint to get the dotted detail in the border and all over the cake.  I think the 3D paint really completes the cake!  

I love our camp cake but of course if you use a different image or decorate the top with paint only you can make up this cake for any celebration!

Rebecca is ready to cut the cake and serve it to the camp staff.  They have all worked so hard to get ready for camp and it’s time to take a little break to celebrate!   

Everyone agrees this cake will be great to serve at the “Welcome to Camp” party for all the campers!  

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

 Can’t Wait for Camp Doll Diaries 2014!